Tomb Raider Trilogy Includes 73 Minutes of Extras

A recent BBFC classification for the Tomb Raider Trilogy confirms it will have approximately 73 minutes of extras.

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BakedGoods2820d ago

Do any of those extras include injecting some 'fun' into Tomb Raider games?

Aloren2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Tomb Raider games are pretty cool.
Just cause angel of darkness sucked 5 years ago doesn't mean we have to bash the license forever... The last 3 games were nice.

FAGOL2820d ago

I still don't get how they're gonna make this game look better. PoP trilogy and Splinter Cell made sense, but this? Underworld was already on PS3.

gaffyh2820d ago

The games are crap though imo. The PS1 titles were good, but since the first and second one, Tomb Raider has kinda gone downhill. I have high hopes for the new game though.

FAGOL2820d ago

I agree but I did enjoy Legends. New one looks promising.

bluwulf2819d ago

this is why im afraid of a Hitman sequel..

This gen is about trying to hip&sex stuff up to get a dollar. They don't pay attention to what made these games, just about the name that may perk up ears. Tombraider should be a slow paced adventure/discover game with action sequences in between... I loved 1, 2, and forced myself to like 3. The rest have all been absolute


badz1492819d ago

but just because it's a 3 games at 1 price and hopefully $40!