First Microsoft Flight screenshots look appealing

Microsoft released the first screenshots of Microsoft Flight.

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theonlylolking3795d ago

About time a title for screenshots dont use stunning.

LoVeRSaMa3795d ago

I remember this game always had bad GFX, but it was supposed to, its great to see how far things have come :)

femshep3795d ago

really pretty
but i haven't seen a flight sim that doesn't involve guns in ages....should i be scared don't get me wrong not complaining out this one bit

juniordee3795d ago

More like: I haven't seen a sim that involves guns in ages.

X-plane, FSX? Those aren't old. X-plane is updated regularly so even though it came out a while ago it still uses current technology.

ProjectVulcan3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

It looks fantastic but i can pretty much guarantee you now that you will need a monstrous uber machine to run it looking like that. I bet its horribly demanding.

FSX is just.....awfully optimised. It looks very poor considering how badly it runs. God help us all if this is anything like as bad, it'll be 4 years until anyone can actually run it properly

SSKILLZ3795d ago

Wow! that is so hardcore!! :P -_-

Moentjers3795d ago

only if you use kinect and spread your arms...

SSKILLZ3795d ago

I wonder If this would work with Ace combat , it would be interesting if it worked fine

mushroomwig3795d ago

Looks insanely pretty, but I always get bored in games like these and end up crashing into buildings for fun.

ProjectVulcan3795d ago

That just triggered a CIA alert. You are now on the suspect watch list :-)

Lord_Doggington3795d ago

i cant believe theyre still making these games. only enjoyed by plane geeks

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