XNA 4.0 Makes History: Xbox360, PC, Windows Phone Same Code Development Is Here

“For the first time in history, developers can write games for PC, a next generation console like the Xbox 360 and a next generation smartphone like Windows Phone 7 all with the same code base,” says author Aaron Reed. “Amazing! The gaming industry is booming and continues to grow.

With hardware advances being made daily and the push toward mobile devices becoming more powerful and interactive, the industry is as exciting as ever.”

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Hitman07692870d ago

This is a very powerful move by Microsoft and will bring a lot of fresh titles to the forefront. I am even thinking I might like to make games for such a platform, but between this and the iOS is a hard decision to make sometimes!

Kon2870d ago

XNA is so versatile. It is so easy to make games

Jezuz2870d ago

how'd 4 bubs turn to 2 ? :o

Apocwhen2870d ago

Some stealth anti-MS trolls are lurking I think

Stealth20k2870d ago ShowReplies(1)
wwm0nkey2870d ago

Great news! Hopeflly XNA 4.1 gets Kinect support.

SuicideShaun2870d ago

Wow, 2 dislikes on this comment? What even for? I'm sorry that this is off-topic but definitly stealth anti-ms trolls on this site lol.

Active Reload2870d ago

You shouldn't worry about disagrees. The only time I mention anything about disagrees is when I get like 55 of them and 7 agrees when stating the obvious, lol. But only on N4g...

JsonHenry2870d ago

ONLY on this site man. I wish that was a joke. But it isn't. Unfortunately no other site posts this much "news" on a regular basis or I would never visit again because of the stupidity.

JsonHenry2870d ago

You can't say anything negative about Sony, or anything positive about MS on this site without phantom disagrees.

Want proof? Go look into a Sony thread and all the Sony hardliners will have a crap ton of bubbles. Then go into a MS/PC thread and look at the low amount of bubbles they have.

roflcopters2870d ago

so true man, if you don't stroke sony's coc& on this site you get disagrees and de-bubbled to the point its not even worth your wasted time trying to discuss a legitimate topic

Highlife2870d ago

You are half right it goes both ways you have fanboys on both sides. You would be stupid to think it only goes one way.

JsonHenry2870d ago

It does go both ways, no doubt about that man! But on THIS particular site it skews HEAVILY to consoles with the Sony fans being the large majority. As opposed to IGN or Gamestop which skew more so towards PC/Xbox.

gamingdroid2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I think this site is heavily skewed towards one side. It's easy to check, just review the comments on each story and do a quick comparison with the number of bubbless/agrees.

With that said, I think I'm relative neutral and well I got 5-bubbles still. Probably will loose some now since I made people aware of it.

Highlife2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

You are probably right that is skews towards *playstation on this site. The problem with this site is that no one (at least most) can take criticism of their system.

edit *

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Wikkid6662870d ago

I just hope at some point there is package pricing. Buy it once and get the game across multiple platforms.

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