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TSA looks at the best tips and tools for PC gaming.

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just_looken3795d ago

good tips here is another

all pc games use drirectx 9.0 so just get a 2008 top gameing rig dont bother with todays specs. They are just starting to dive into dorectx 10.0 sad but true a gtx 285 can give out the smae performace as a 480. if they were to make a pc game like a console game it would be awesome but all pc gamers have is crappy ports or rare exclusives that dont fully utuilze 2009 rigs. im running a quad i7/3gb ddr3/dual 285's win vista sp2 all my pc games (napolion tw/ batman aa gtaiv etc) hardley use my pc :(. It would be cool if nd made a uncharted port and fully utuilized our pcs.

BK-2013795d ago

I would regret not at least getting dx10 cards dude. dx10 is growing quickly and GPU's that support it are like at 150$. I picked up a 5770 for that price and it runs Crysis on Gamer settings with 30fps.

AndrewRyan3795d ago

I have 2 5750's crossfire'd and I paid about $160 for both a year ago. Very happy with the performance, running games flawless. I also have an i3 processor clocked at 4.0ghz and at first it ran some quad core specific games hard, such as GTAIV or BFBC2, but when I went on the forums there are tutorials to mess around with the settings.ini files that can make the game run smoother. I went from 40 FPS on BFBC2 to 60 with the same settings. I now run it at max at 50-60fps and 40fps when there are mass explosions. I love how customizable PC gaming is.

Xfanboy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

uncharted wouldn't do so good on pc seeing most pc gamers don't play adventure type games! but it looks good!!

Seeing how the witcher 2-(dx10)crysis2,BF3,Dirt3,Stal ker2,met ro2034(announced),S.T.A.L.K.E. R .: Call Of Pripyat,The Lord of The Rings Online,F1 2010 , Alien Vs. Predator,Metro2033,Dues Ex,Hawx 2,BFBC2 uses dx11 plus more games Im sure Im missing some games.. soo I might just upgrade!! :)

you guys must have been made from the crysis vs killzone3 thread! why the lies..
PC games are fine for pc gamers!! please don't insult just buy a console!!

oh & this is so authentic it will kill any console shooter! In fact it's the only Creative shooter today gameplay wise!!
mods already being made

happy trolling!!

iamgoatman3795d ago

I think I understand where you're coming from, but there are a growing number of games that are making use of the hardware available, with DX9 slowly becoming a thing of the past. More and more games are adding DX11 support (some better than others), and upcoming titles like Battlefield 3 are designed natively to use DX11, and do away with DX9 completely so you won't be even be able to run it on Win XP. I have nothing against DX10 cards, but by sticking to them you'll probably miss out on a lot of added features soon enough.

Only poor developers release bad ports, and they normally don't do too well either. Even if ND released Uncharted on PC, I seriously doubt it would take much to run it, that is if it was optimized properly, and probably wouldn't be topping any benchmark lists.

Oh, and a 285 GTX won't give out the same performance as a GTX 480, even in older games. The only time I can see that happening is if the games is hugely CPU limited.

Motorola3795d ago

Yeaah get a card with Dx10 cards just in case some devs decide to pull DX 9 support for some stupid reason.

iamgoatman3795d ago

Why does it have to be a stupid reason? Progression is a good thing.

I'd bet the people still clinging onto DX9 are the same ones that still use a 32 bit OS. It's time to move on.

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Simco8763795d ago

I loved gaming on the PC in 2000. I have recently been playing a ton of Starcraft II.

PC Gaming market (other than Blizzard games) is slim it seems.

Substance1013795d ago

You are mistaken there, some of us use PC as our primary platform. Personally i have over 120 games on Steam alone. My backlog is so large i dont even buy games on release anymore. When they are dirt cheap on steam in discounts thats the time i pick them up.

The amount the average console gamer spends on games would seem like a fortune compared to the prices you can get games at on Steam when they are on discount.