2D Side-scrollers in 2011: A Next-Gen Resurgence

TGE Writes:
Between Super Mario Bros. Wii, Shadow Complex, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Braid, Sonic 4, Castle Crashers, Limbo, and Donkey Kong Country Returns, among others, side-scrolling platformers have seen many triumphs in this generation. I believe it's the critical reception of titles like these that allow the genre to continue to grow and stay relevant among the AAA blockbusters that can dominate the industry. I won't deny that I absolutely love the epic experiences of games like Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, and Gears of War, but there is a nostalgic charm found in 2D side-scrollers that I simply can't turn away... This year holds a great deal of promise for the genre, as an abundance of truly next-gen side-scrollers are scheduled to release in the coming months, and I for one can't wait for the impending harvest. Listed below (in order of release date) are several of the games that hope to move the genre forward in the best possible way...

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ephellstrom2913d ago

The guy who made Dust must be freaking insane. How long do you think it took him to make it on his own?

Entropic2913d ago

He's been working on it for at least the past 3 years, and will likely continue to do so through 2011. He actually started as an animator working on his own animated film (within the same universe), and decided to create a game once XNA launched. I'm hoping it releases in time for the holidays this year though; the game looks extremely impressive.

Raendom2913d ago

That's freaking crazy. He didn't even have programming knowledge before-hand previously! :o

Hoping this guy has a Minecraft-type success with it.

Stealth20k2913d ago

kirby wii is the biggest one...............

Entropic2913d ago

Kirby's Epic Yarn is definitely worth noting, and a game I should have included in the opening sentence. The core of the article focuses on upcoming games though, which is why Kirby wasn't in that list.

Entropic2913d ago

Sorry for the confusion, I see now that a new Kirby Wii title was announced today. If I had known this would have definitely been on the list. Thanks for the update!

ozstar2913d ago


so nothing for the Wii then? Although we got 16bit remakes of Contra, Gradius and Castlevania I would of loved to see something new from Konami.

Concluding with a typical "screw third parties" quote as usual.

zireno2913d ago

wooooot!! I had no idea fancy pants was becoming a full game for consoles :O!!! can't wait to play it

morkendo232913d ago

now that 2d sidescrolling coming back cant wait to play R-TYPE,GRADIUS 6,SILPHEED or a new CONTRA.
be nice on a disc instead only PSN