Sony Offer Gamers the Chance to Win Exclusive DC Universe Online Goodies

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has today revealed an all-new competition in which gamers can win a number of exclusive DC Universe Online goodies; both real-world and virtual items. Ranging from an exclusive Batman figurine to PlayStation Home items, the competition is available now to all gamers.

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knifefight3797d ago

Well, that's cool I guess. I myself can't be doing online games right now though :(

zootang3797d ago

I don't do facebook so unfortunately I missed out :(

hiredhelp3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

i dont do facebook eaither im fedup these follow us on twitter facebook stuff.
as for rewards how about free to play online. these subscriptions are really bad.
£39.99 for game plays £50 for half year think of online subscription thats really bad.

zootang3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

How many games really last half a year or more. At least with this you get DLC every month!


So far I bought the Game for 34.99 and have a free month included or 24.99 for the game and 9.99 for the month included. Then 9.99 for each additional months DLC. I don't really understand your logic. How many games console games get updated and improved upon regularly? At no point am I spending a full £90.

hiredhelp3797d ago

would you spend £90 on a game just asking.

GuruStarr783797d ago

cool...I won a supersoaker (or, at least something that looks like one....LOL) for my dcuo character.

hazelamy3797d ago

yeah, shame it barely works, and when it does work there's a chance you might not even get the code for the virtual items.

and the fastest time for the quiz? 3 seconds, a cheat is going to win the physical prize too, great job there