5 Games Dead Space 2 Borrows From

Dead Space 2 is here, and while it's unquestionably a superior piece of software, it's not the most original piece of work we here at GamerZines has ever seen.
So which games does Visceral's finest 'borrow' from?

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scofios3797d ago

To me they have borrowed some from bioshock to , especially dead space .

ATiElite3796d ago

1. Doom 3
2. Resident Evil 4
3. Max Payne (stasis is bullet time)
4. Xenomorph (killing aliens/mutants on a helpless deserted ship)
5. Alien vs. Predator

Ducky3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I was expecting SystemShock2 or Doom3 to get a mention. Oh well, they got ResidentEvil4 in there.

I'm surprised it didn't list Half-Life2 because of the gravity gun influence *rolleyes*

Kon3797d ago

Dead Space is one of the most unoriginal games out there. But is still fun and scary.

TheGameFoxJTV3797d ago

Dead Space is kinda refreshing compared to alot of this shit released today.

VenomProject3797d ago

One of the most unoriginal? Yeah, because there's tons of third person survival horrors set in space with zombies and cult elements.

Honolulu3797d ago

Ambiance of Systemshock 2 with the story of Event Horizon and gameplay of Resident evil 4.

Roozium3797d ago

Dead Space 2 borrows from Dead Space? NO SHIT!

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The story is too old to be commented.