Sony: No NGP price and battery life until after prototype phase

Sony boss Kaz Hirai has gone on record to explain why the company has been cagey about revealing a price or battery life estimate for its new NGP handheld: the console is still in prototype phase.

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StbI9903795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Who wants the whole pie, or maybe two piece of it?
Agree for the wholeness of the win, or disagree for the two main piece of the dish.

On topic, yeah, get those hours coming kaz, but this make me fear of the price by now, anyway, until e3, and have a good night people.

Venatus-Deus3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I imagine Sony will be looking closely at the sales of the 3DS. Its performance/price structure will give Sony a good indication on where the market is right now.

In terms of battery that final pricing structure may also allow them to add a more expensive option giving a greater life expectancy.


What I’m guessing will happen is if the sales of the 3DS are poor, the NGP will be priced cheaper that what Sony currently intends.

nycredude3795d ago

It's obvious they are still tweak power consumption and waiting for it to get closing to projected release date to release the price. If they release the price now it would be too high. By the time this thing releases the price will be much more manageable because of falling prices of components..

ChickeyCantor3795d ago

Dont get me wrong but most guys only look at those 2 parts anyways...
Im confused at what point you are trying to make, LOL.

klado3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Think of it as the 3DS and NGP demographic, one is two piece of goodness, the other bring the complete goodness as a whole.

So whoever want the whole experience come to the NGP, whoever want those good yet rewarding experience (until when) come to the 3DS.

DenyTheFacts3795d ago

LOL if it was cheap they would have already told you guys..

Spitfire_Riggz3795d ago

Its not coming out for likely another year. Which console has revealed a price when its not even done? The 3ds is coming out in like 3 months they barely revealed their price.

Istanbull3795d ago

You sound dumb and stupid at the same time.

The 3DS was revealed in march 2010, shown at E3 2010 and in JANUARY 2011 the price and battery life were revealed.

So why didn't Nintendo annoucned the price and battery life in E3?

Deny the facts blind fanboy.

ultimate-remag3795d ago ShowReplies(4)
Burning_Finger3795d ago

No S**T. I want that prototype NOW!!

I hope they release the hardware this year. Make it NOVEMBER SONY!!

JsonHenry3795d ago

There is no way this thing is going to be less than $350.00US.

AssassinHD3795d ago

I would buy it at that price.

Bigbangbing3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Yep, most likely, 349.99 for the WiFi model, and maybe 399.99 for the 3G one..

I'd buy it though.


U r right.. I dont know why some people on this site want it to b cheap..If it is cheap sony will lose money. They will drop the price a year later after after thay have made some profit.. Its the standard in all hardware companys..U do not sell ur hardware at a loss!!

spunnups3795d ago


When the PS3 launched, even at a $600 price tag, Sony lost $200 or more on every unit sold. The cost per unit quickly came down as technology progressed, but Sony was so keen on winning the HD Format War they took that risk and won.

specialguest3795d ago

At that price, I would buy one during launch week. However, I don't expect parents to throw down $350 for a childs amusement. This is more like a big kids entertainment device, rather than JUST a handheld videogame system.

JsonHenry3795d ago

Yeah, I'll probably get it after the first price drop. But **IF** they include everything they say is going to be included that is not a bad price point. Hell, my Droid 2 cost $600 and doesn't have half of that tech.

And the OLED screen is going to be sooooo sexy!

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