NGP: Sony negotiating digital release of PSP UMD games

Monday 31-Jan-2011 11:40 AM And you should be able to re-download PSP digital titles

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Active Reload3789d ago

I didn't know it was that hard to do. Make it happen and you might sell even more PSP Gos...

Abash3787d ago

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is my biggest concern for getting a digital distribution version

ABizzel13787d ago

I don't get why they have to bargain. It = more sales opportunities.

lil Titan3787d ago

if the companys dont they will become victim to pirates...ARG!

awiseman3787d ago

Wonder hoe mush it will cost? Sony is just like other companies and they overcharge for Digital software.

nycredude3787d ago

They don't overcharge they charge the same in most cases. Just because you can get a deal online or used game doesn't mean they are overcharging. I understand what you are getting at that they should be cheaper cause no case and retail packaging but that would undermine the retail sales.

FragGen3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I'll bet it's a major pain/effort for some titles, others are probably no brainers, newer games are almost certainly better/easier.

Games usually have a studio, publisher, and may also have licensed content from another artist of some sort (music, celebrity likeness, etc). Depending on how the existing contract is written, it may require renegotiation, new payments, or an entirely new contract altogether with all the parties involved, some of whom may no longer be around (game studios go out of business all the time or could even get bought by rivals, etc).

Given how little some of these games are going to make, it may just not be profitable to even bother. How much do you think Sony is willing to pay/work to get "Chili Con Carnage" on PSN? That was a GREAT GREAT game (IMHO) but I don't think it was a big hit on UMD, it suffered from one of the stupidest names of all time and had no real marketing, etc, so I'll have to hold onto my OG PSP 1000 and UMD if I want to play it!

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PshycoNinja3787d ago

Please happen, Please happen, Please happen, Please happen, Please happen, Please happen.

ceedubya93787d ago

Yes. Please do. I like not having to worry about carrying around UMDs with my PSPgo, but with so many games not available to download through PSN, it definitely has its disadvantages. Looking forward to the NGP, and hopefully more publishers will be on board with digital download by the time it releases.

Spitfire_Riggz3787d ago

If it happens NGP has got the path to becoming a legendary console laid out (console handheld video game device whatever)

blusoops3787d ago

Kingdom Hearts BBS please

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