Ultimate good retail games list that you can play on Wii + videos..

List is recommended to all Wii gamers, a lot of overlooked good games and of course big titles, released before 2011 + updated design & added new games that weren't in the list before..
enjoy with joy :)

p.s. after some time I'll add Gamecube titles too..

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swice4386d ago

ummm....? What the hell did I just read?

meowthemouse4386d ago

well done, but there is a group of missing game

Venoxn4g4386d ago (Edited 4386d ago )

what games can I add in future that I missed? (only good ones) :) and maybe do you know some software (something like HTML convertor), but simple that Website could be Viewed in varied resolutions? :) (I'm rookie at this, but I could try fix this) .. I'm using for website building WYSYWIG website builder and I had a lot of headache fixing this website again and again manually each page :/ so I need simple soft to fix that resolution thing automaticly :)