Badass graphics, shitty game - Don't play these games

Everyone knows: There are games with superb visuals. But when you try out those games you are disappointed hard. PC Games has 13 of such titles which rather sucked... If you love games but don't wanna get caught by mere eye candy.

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ian723797d ago

I enjoyed Far Cry 2 and completed it. Was a very poor ending though. The game could have been better, but I found it alright. There are far worse games to play.

just_looken3797d ago

ill add a bubble for finishing fc2. i have yet to finish it because of the door lock bug and bad ai

ian723797d ago

Cheers mate. bubble back. I never had a door lock bug(played it on PS3), but the ai is a bit crap.

Dark_Overlord3797d ago

Not to mention, the most broken MP i've ever played

pansenbaer3797d ago

Yeah, multiplayer was garbage. But I too finished the game. I thought it was a great experience.

SasanovaS19873797d ago

i had the door lock. all you have to do is look on the internet, and delete a patch. its easy to get rid of it. once ur done with that, the door will unlock again. then you only have about an hour left of gameplay to finish up. i enjoyed the game as well. if you play it the right way, its very good.

deafwing3797d ago

wow you're the 2nd gamer I heard that completed it ... problem for me with that debacle is that the game is boring (again, for me).

I just wasn't motivated to complete it .. and the MP ... while it doesn't make the game, helps towards breaking fun times ... it had potential.

iamnsuperman3797d ago

I got stuck at the door part i stopped playing for months unrill i heared abour delering the patch. The game is too repetative

nskrishna23797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I finished the game too, Twice actually just to bask in the visuals, it was a beautiful game, but go repetitive and crappy soon. Still, I liked it, and the ending was indeed poor.

EDIT: Played it on PC.

Kleptic3797d ago

I rented it when it released...I did have fun with it for those few days, but even in those 3 days I did get relatively bored...

I have been that way for a while with 'open world' games...Its like developers found the absolute perfection of open world titles enabled by the PS2 era GTA's...then said 'now lets make it as realistic as possible'...and COMPLETELY screwed it up...

GTA III, etc. were great because the open world nature allowed so much fun stuff to do...Now developers (including GTA IV imo) back tracked over themselves, and removed almost all of the random fun available in an attempt to make the worlds more believable...

I have not played RDR though, which I heard fixes a lot of the recent problems I have had...but still, I want an open world game that goes back to endless hours of pointless carnage and over the top 'stuff' available that they seemed to have removed this generation...

BattleAxe3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I loved FarCry 2, and personally I thought it was a shame that there wasn't much of a community behind it, especially with having the ability to make your own maps. I ended up beating the game on PS3, but I recently bought it on Steam, and I plan on playing through it again.

RSPproductionz3797d ago

crisisis another gamethat falls in to this category

Unknow_Master3797d ago

man were is uncharted1&2
killzone2(pretty sure 3)
halo reach
alan wake(better sleep for good)
bioshock 2(wtf happen the 1st was good)
dead rising 2(wtf happen the 1st was good)
devil may cry 4
If i continue i will probably name all the game this generation!!

RSPproductionz3797d ago

lol my last post was a gramatic fail

the_best_player3797d ago


Killzone 2 was great noob

InactiveUser3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Far Cry 2 was very repetitive. Every checkpoint you're shot at and chased. You need to keep repairing your car. Every 2 minute mission is a 1 hour drive away.

I finished the game too, but wasn't having that much fun. I also didn't like how you couldn't go back and finish trophies after you finished the game. Why? How hard could that have been to let you free-roam after beating the game? So I just said F it for the FC2 trophies I missed.

IMO it was about a 6/10 game, 7 at best if you don't mind the repetition, but definitely no ~85% like its GameRankings/MetaCritic score suggests.

Edit: Also dumb AI as someone said above.. sometimes they'll stand facing another direction while you shoot them and not react at all.

HSx93797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Farcry 2... shitty? WHAT!?! It's about the only multiplatform game that almost had it right, and it let you make your own maps! It is so underrated, if only it was advertised better this game would be crazy.

One time I spent hours playing a level where you fought on either side of the Twin Towers in New York, and there were turrets mounted at the top of the buildings, para gliders, grenade launchers, IT WAS FU**** AMAZING! whoever doesn't jhave this game I recommend you pick it up, nobody plays it, but making your own maps is fun.

InactiveUser3797d ago

It's rated about an 85/100... there's no way in balls that it's under rated. At 85 you're talking a near GotY contender, which it isn't. Far Cry 2 is highly over rated.

I'd agree a very small amount that it may be underhyped, because you never really hear anything about it, but in no way is it under rated.

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cb4g3797d ago

Absolutely loved Far Cry 2. Enjoyed creeping around at night avoiding patrols while trying to get where I needed. Has its flaws and a lot of patience is required but it's rewarding throughout.

yoshiroaka3797d ago

Game wasnt perfect but i enjoyed it too.
Didnt regret playin it at all.
I loved the interactive first person feel where you get to actually see your hands do everything.

IcarusOne3797d ago

Agreed overall. I think this is one of the most over-/underrated games of this gen, and yes, I know that's a bizarre thing to say. It's so close to hitting the mark, but misses only just. If they could patch the A.I. it would be a huge step forward. But as far as atmosphere, visuals, sound, combat, it's exhilarating.

eraursls843797d ago

I loved it too, but it could be a lot better next time. The ending was the worst part, the enemy ai could've been better as well as better missions. I played it on ps3 so I'm not sure if the pc version had this problem but it was annoying when you cleared out a enemy post and 2 mins later they were already back, I think the ps3(or any console out yet, I wish playing on the pc was as fun as a console) just doesn't have the memory needed to fix that issue. I think this franchise has great potential if the devs listen to the community. I didn't play the multiplayer much but the map creator also is a great feature if they can work out all the l kinks, would also be nice if they let us use that creator to expand the single player

Inside_out3797d ago

Far Cry 2 is one of the best games I played this gen. I just don't get the confusion. The AI was alot of fun to play with. If they hurt you they were relentless and would chase you to the end of the always attacked my objectives at sunrise or sundown...just a beautiful looking game. The driving was alot of fun. Just tap a button to jump from driving to using the machine gun on the truck never got old. I'd clear out an encampment in no time doing that. You really had to spend some time upgrading your weapons like unlocking the silenced MP5 and the dart sniper gun and it was on. So many great moments in that game.

Massive map and area's to explore...what a game. The map creation tool is also top notch...just look at this, all made...many more on u-tube...

I can't wait for part 3, I hope they don't change too much. The re-spawning enemies was only a issue for me on the harder game settings where you really had to be careful.

moe843797d ago

Only problem I had was the AI. Saying it was terrible just doesn't convey how bad the AI really is.

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MagicAccent3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I disagree. The ending was the best part of the game.
Uhh, that came out wrong :P
But I quite liked the story, not to mention the gameplay.
Just because it wasn't the game everyone expected it to be( i.e Lame-ass-corridor-shooter #237487), doesn't mean the game is bad.

I mean, that's like complaining that Dead Space is a shitty survival horror game.. Well, so is GT5.. And I didn't hear anybody complaining about that.

smashman983797d ago

on the contrary gt5 is the best survival horror game ever

Lord_Doggington3797d ago

enough w/ the awful translated sites

Joni-Ice3797d ago

Far Cry 2 is a beautiful game.

hennessey863797d ago

is the roadside checkpoints where you would get attacked you kil the bastards and 5 minutes later there back it would have been better if you cleared them and they stayed clear

CaptainPunch3797d ago

Far Cry 2 did have a gorgeous open world. I never completed the game, hopefully I will someday.

PrimordialSoupBase3797d ago

Far Cry 2 is one of the best games this gen and certainly the best shooter.

cozmo1953797d ago

i know i loved far cry 2 aswell the map editor was the best i've ever used imo

and i don't know why people are disagreeing with you it's your opinion >_>

WOMBLE623797d ago


Agreeing or disagreeing with a comment is also an opinion... Just because someone puts an opinion out there doesn't mean others have to like it.

smashman983797d ago

lol i hate comments like that "why would people have their own opinion that isnt the same as yours" is basically what ur saying it would be different if he said farcry 2 has guns in it and he got disagrees but that is not the case

HellzAssassin3797d ago

I was disappointed in FC2. I even had it pre-ordered, and picked it up day one. I have yet to finish it... It's much too repetitive and boring. Literally, it's the exact same thing over and over and over. Same objectives, same environment, same enemies, same guns, everything. It was a terrible game... And don't even get me started on multiplayer. Than again, that's MY opinion, and to each his/her own. :D
Thus, I agree with FC2 being on the list.

Kazu0 Hirai3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Far cry 2 is one of the worst games ive ever played. even if i don't really care for a game i will still beat it. But this garbage i could only play for not even 2 hrs and said fuck it and never touched it again. awful, boring, repetitive, annoying game.

nice graphics is the only thing it had going for it.

pain777pas3797d ago

Far cry 2 shouldn't be on the list but there are a few winners there. LOL!!!!!!!!

socomnick3797d ago

list is missing kz2.

Terrible game nice graphics.

smashman983797d ago

i would say that list is missing socom but unfortunately thats just a terrible game with terrible graphics

Maddens Raiders3797d ago

and haven't regretted it. Could've been better sure, but it's still a better than decent game with awesome environs and a cool soundtrack. Wish it was done right all the way around though, could've been a real contender.

SuicideShaun3797d ago

Best player, gameplay wise killzone was not that enjoyable.

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lucifon3797d ago

Why do these crappy German sites always get approved

Darkfiber3797d ago ShowReplies(8)
CoLD FiRE3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

This is why these German websites get approved. :p

kane_13713797d ago

bubbles for you, since the demotiv-pic was great and i am a TH fan

hay3797d ago

@Cold: There are three kinds of people in the world. Men, Women and German females. Have you seen them? Jesus f*ckin' Christ.

XeNoStRatoS3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

OMG my eyes popped out and now I am blinded by epic flaw and crappy style... Please dont mix those idiots up with the German people, its as if someone would claim George W. Bushs IQ is the basement for all Americans... Cant be cuz I like Americans and value most of them for not being plain stupid as the last prez... :p

@hay: Have one of those as my gf and agree ;)

just_looken3797d ago

anyone else notice the amount of crap on the site? currently on ps3 web browser had 4 run this plug in questions.

sam22363797d ago

It's a German site. What did you expect? Those sites are full of shit and should be banned from N4G. Google Translate doesn't help either.

Also, shit list is shit, but I do agree with Far Cry 2. The glitches and respawning enemies pissed me off so much!

XeNoStRatoS3797d ago

Pfff... the site really sucks and belongs to a (former? dunno) magazine which was sold as a print version every month - pure "mainstream" - but generalization of German sites is plain bs.

sam22363797d ago

"but generalization of German sites is plain bs."

Not when every single German site ever posted here on N4G has been impossible to open due to Google Translate, slow as fuck and riddled with adware.

Do a search if you don't believe me. Every other non-English site is fine, but it's always the German news/gaming sites that are bad.

wenaldy3797d ago

Far Cry 2 in my top list.. Repetitive gameplay, poor ending..