'3DS vs NGP' or 'The Potent Portable Peroration' (The Rant is Go! episode 2) [HD]

In Episode 2 of The Rant is Go! Dan (from discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the NGP and the 3DS on topics such as hardware and strategy.

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OG-Docta3791d ago

Same.... OLED, dual analog sticks, 3G & WiFi, and PS3 like graphics on a handheld is a day 1 buy for me. Once again Sony caters to the hardcore audience and is going to deliver highest quality of any smartphone, tablet, or handheld for gaming. Uncharted, MGS, LBP, Killzone, Resistance, and Call of Duty are a good list of games for a handheld not even out yet.

tyrex3791d ago

I don't see them competing for the same market any way. people keep saying the psp failed. 80 million or so psp's isnt a failure imho. especially when you consider that psp/ngp will be for only older audiences while nintendo can market for everyone. i dont see a parent buying their 7 year old a ngp. Kid friendly = more sales

tubers3791d ago

Nice voice for the video! Shot down the 3DS greatly though xD

We'll see.

Danji3791d ago

I'm getting both.. :D

chad22hkd3791d ago

They are both great. 3d in a handheld i mean holy crap. Also sony's super powerful ngp. The 3ds will give us a new experience with great first party games. Ngp will give us a amazing experience but with more games. Even if one is better than the other they are both great.

soren3790d ago

psp never has more games then ds wut r u talking about? if the psp2 becomes like ps3 that means only shooters and god will sell also none as the end of rpg games on the psp have fun with that

SonyNGP3791d ago

Announcing MML3 on the NGP would make me so darn happy!

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