Marvel vs Capcom 3: Galactus Boss Fight

The video shows a boss fight.

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MaideninBlack2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Let's go Dante!

Edit: Awhhh..they lost. Galactus is cheap, lol.

cemelc2910d ago


Half of his moves are AOEs, what a cheap boss. How do you even avoid the last one???

Dark_Charizard2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

WTF!? Galactus is in the game???

Damn spoiler! Now I have to go watch the fight :P

Lord_Doggington2910d ago

seeing amaterasu beat up galactus is a thing of beauty

antz11042910d ago

Please, none of these guys could beat Galactus, lol. Its like he's toying with them until the end and just says "Yep, bored now."

ABizzel12910d ago

Amaterasu got owned, along with Dante, and Task Master.

That being said Galactus looks super cheap as most of the bosses are in these games. My question is why do games, always seem to make big giant characters super slow? Just because he's 60 feet talk doesn't mean he moves like a turtle. He should move just as fast as everyone else, then he'll be super cheap :)

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2910d ago

Was kinda put off by MvC3's switch to 3D but I'm prolly gonna get it.

And yes that boss is cheap.

sam22362910d ago

Why have Galactus move in 3D when the player is stuck on a 2D plane? It looks weird and stupid.

a_bro2910d ago

because he's the FINAL BOSS. He's allowed to break the rules XD

sam22362910d ago

Well that explains it, lol!

a_bro2910d ago

i like final boss levels that have ridiculous backgrounds. like the Master Hand level for instance.

ABizzel12909d ago

Super Smash Bros. Melee lol. Love that game. Remember the Crazy Left Hand, and Giga Bowser.

Redempteur2910d ago

think master hand from smash bros ..nothing wrong about that

sam22362910d ago

IIRC the only time Master Hand moved away from the 2D plane was to use it's lasers - which you have to dodge.

Galactus moves all over the place (While you're stuck moving left or right) and you're still supposed to hit him.

That's stupid and, as some people here said, cheap.

Redempteur2910d ago

Master hand , move from the 2D plane during the time when it just ram into you (from the side ).

Other than that , it pushes you away , try to grab you , or just slam his hand on the ground ( with or without a shockwave )

i seem nothing différent except from the FINALE ...

( like the master hand wasn't moving all over the place too )

morkendo232910d ago

after watching dante got his arse handed to him was funny hearing game say CONTINUE!!