Games Just for Kids? - Not Anymore

The games industry made over 10 billion dollars in software sales in the USA alone in 2010. It's safe to say it's a big business and it's in the best interests of game developers to make their games appeal to as many people as possible. So we have violent shooters, elaborate sports simulations and complex role-playing games that are more suited to the adult gamers being released on various game platforms and adults are gaming in huge numbers. Games aren't just cutesy tales for kids, not anymore. The game industry trade group ESA (Entertainment Software Association) reported that the average age of gamers was 34 in 2010. The online global research firm NPD did a similar survey of 19,000 gamers in 2010 and their results suggest the average age of gamers is a slightly younger 32. The disparity in the results of the two studies is quite narrow and the safe conclusion is that the average gamer is well into his or her adult years.

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