DC Universe Online: First Update Features 'Iconic Character'

DC Universe Online product manager Ryan Peters has hinted at the details for the MMO's first monthly content update, which will feature an 'iconic character'...

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gorebago3795d ago

If all we get is new characters to pvp as, then that's lame.

My level 30 character would like to level up more.

danmachine3795d ago

its probably superman.....

i'm level 30 too and struggling to keep playing there will have to be something amazing in this update to get me to subscribe now.

gorebago3795d ago

I stopped as soon as me2 came out. I'm an xp junkie. I don't care about loot.

Clarence3795d ago

I would like to see LOBO.

---stone---3794d ago

I would like to see a few more added mentors to model hero/villian after.

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