New Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Screenshots, Artwork Released

Square Enix Europe has just sent out a new batch of shots for the ridiculously named Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy as well as some new game renders which we've slapped into our artwork section for your browsing pleasure.

The screenshots show off the new Creation Mode in action (though in Japanese) - a mode which allows players to create their own story mode and battle scenarios to then send to friends to give them a new challenge.

The artwork, meanwhile, reveals the third costumes - or 'forms' as they're called in this game - for some of the NES Final Fantasy characters.

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Herminator3795d ago

I wonder if they will make a Dissidia for NGP.

(Note: The answer is "probably")

AP3795d ago

With the online features of the NGP 'real' online play could be possible, too. At least this'll be back compatible also.

densai3795d ago

Who knows, maybe they will make ad-hoc online stuff work as default on ngp for back compat titles.. i hope.

Cloudberry3795d ago

"Yes" in my opinion.

Though it couldn't be just Dissidia, I'm sure they planned othe Final Fantasy games new / old for NGP.

StbI9903795d ago

Like Ffx remake, or ff x2 remake or ffxii...they already have a place in this handheld, and hoping for SE to bring those to me ASAP.

Oh 3DS, what a contender you have got.

Cloudberry3795d ago


I also once thought of that.

3DS get MGS3 remake from PS2, I assume NGP could also have Final Fantasy PS2 games; remake / port, whenever that is.

Then again...

Square Enix could unleash Armageddon and announce Final Fantasy VII remake for NGP, lol.

densai3795d ago

The Warrior of Light costume as the actual Fighter from FF1 is awesome!! love it.

Eamon3795d ago

Still waiting for new characters of FFVI and FFIX.

Here's hoping Shadow and Vivi get announced!

densai3795d ago

Vivi is almost a cert (but is he to similar to shantotto?) but I don't think it will be shadow. Probably Locke.

Eamon3795d ago

I dunno about Locke. He is pretty generic and he fights with a sword. There are already many characters who fight with swords and its clear from the new characters, Square wants to have more variety.

Shadow is the Ninja class and fights with kunai and had the throw ability for shuriken. There's also his dog. Maybe for an EX burst limit break?

borisfett3795d ago

Firion (my main) got a serious visual overhaul. Nice.