Can Square Enix Save "Final Fantasy"?

While it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where Final Fantasy began to go wrong, the most obvious place to start is with Final Fantasy X-2 (2003), the first direct sequel in the series’ history. Though it was well received by critics at the time, it alienated many players by adopting a radically different tone from its predecessor: Final Fantasy X (2001) was a serious story that dealt with issues of religious faith and the nature of life and death, while FFX-2 was a much more frivolous affair, despite carrying over many of the familiar characters and settings from its predecessor.

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FishCake9T43795d ago

In my opinion Dragon Quest took the RPG crown along time ago. SE need to understand what made FF great in the beginning. Take the game play to back what it once was, not the boring BS in FF13.

VersusEM3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What would you rather play XIII or XII if you had to choose.

GrieverSoul3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Tough choice since those last 2 FFs were the weakest ones in terms of story and battle system. However they clearly show whats been going downhill with FFs lately. Automated battle systems and one character control only.

Break the norm!!! Bring us some TURNED BASED COMBAT! Anyone who played Grandia knows how great a TBC system can be.

EDIT: When SquareSoft was "alive", all games came with great quality. When Enix was added it went downhill.

Godmars2903795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Toss in FF10 or FF9 - FF8 for that matter - and see the response you get.

Yeah, part of the problem is that Enix, the company behind DW, is calling all of the shots. They're keeping their own IP relatively standard while experimenting with a franchise that at one time was their own's direct rival.

kane_13713795d ago

i give you the answer.
i would play 12.
12 was way more fun, in my opinion.
i have played most of FF games.
12 is one of my favs, despite the bad words about it in between other fellow FF fans, but me and other few, believe that it was at least a good game.
but man oh man.
FF1 is great, even after all these years.
but 12 is my personal fav since it had the mmo like battle system, which i loved.

SquareEnixFan3795d ago

13 would be my choice and its not close. 12 is my least favorite Final Fantasy of all time. I hated the battle system, story, and all the characters except Balthier.

darthawesome903795d ago

XII. As boring as it was its story was better than XIII, it had interactions with NPC's, better (but not good) battle system than XIII, and exploration. Also as whimpy and pointless as Vaan and Penelo were they sure beat the hell out of Hope and Vanille.

I think the pinnacle of Square's success was IV, VI, VII, and X.

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DA_SHREDDER3795d ago

Dragon Quest on the NES was the start of what everyone considered a good jrpg. What's out now is not what I consider an upgrade from the original prototype.

AndrewRyan3795d ago

In all honesty they are focusing too much on graphics. "Hey guys let's make this a huge graphical achievement!" and then "Oh shit guys, we have no more room for towns or an open world! We fucked up hard!"

Nerox33795d ago

no they should keep going forward,not being retardedly turn based thats old stuff,,,of course old people like u will be pissed ,but the best thing about SE is they care about the new generation xD and as long as they are one of the best selling games in history they will be kings forever muhahhaa

JoelEH3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

WTF are you talking about "Forward" what is that? they are taking steps back in everything except graphics. if you want "new generation" games go play little big planet son. almost ALL games have managed to have better graphics and take leaps forward as far as game is concern. this is one of the games that has taken major steps backwards your just too dumb to see it. I really hope that you are being sarcastic in your comment and I failed to see it.

x5exotic3795d ago


wtf are YOU talking about
its not just about graphics
new games=sandbox that
new games =action gameplay not FAGGY turnbased bullshit,for stupid people who are mentaly retarded and think slowly

madjedi3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )


Cares about this new generation, this is the worst generation ever from se, moving forward, ff 13 was a downgrade in every sense of the word, with the exception of maybe the vo's.

Turn based or real time combat it's a matter of preference dumbass, go play some snes-ps2 square games, those are solid games. Yeah us old people are the ones who kept se and other jrpg makers alive all these yrs.

Se hasn't been even relevant this generation, they are barely maintaining any relevancy as a rpg developer, all their console games minus 13 did horrible sales.

First sack that retard wada for incompetence, second take a long and hard look and find that soul you had in your old games that is missing in your current releases.

Still don't understand why x-2 gets the hate it does, most common complaint i remember hearing is you play as 3 chicks who dance and change dresses, but w/e.

In addition to having your head up your ass about se and it's games, and the horrible grammar i would bet 15-16yr on his first console generation.

"as long as they are one of the best selling games in history they will be kings forever muhahhaa" Atm the moment they are barely the court jester, much less king.

@x5 Sandbox is western dumbass, ff is a eastern jrpg, you do know that rpgs can be broken down into multiple different types you stupid jackass.

"new games =action gameplay not FAGGY turnbased bullshit,for stupid people who are mentaly retarded and think slowly" Uh huh so why are we bringing shooters into a rpg discussion.

Poor capitalisation, bad spelling and poor grammar and your going on about turn based being mentally retarded people who think slowly.

Both your childish ass and nerox3, need to learn about preference and opinion.

Pozzle3795d ago

I don't get why people think turn-based is outdated. Just because battles can be made faster, doesn't necessarily mean turn-based is outdated. It's a streategy based gameplay. Not one based on fastness or "realism".

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specialguest3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Ever wonder why the FF series has not been up to par as of recent history? In my opinion, the last great FF game was FF X. That was the last FF game Hironobu Sakaguchi(creator of Final Fantasy) was involved with. Years later, Sakaguchi left Sqaure.

Sakaguchi was not only creator of FF, he was also executive vice president of Square. If you follow the timeline of the quality of games during his time at Sqaure, you'll notice that after his departure, Sqaure/SE games started to decline in quality.

pain777pas3795d ago

Sakaguchi is gone. LS may be the best JRPG this gen when all is said and done. Square will get back with Versus. It looks awesome and I cannot wait to play it. That is the FF for this generation and will put SE back on the JRPG throne.

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Lamarthedancer3795d ago

With Versus it can.....with FF13-2, not a chance

Versus has a bigger audience while FF13-2 is just the people who liked FF13

I honestly want to know what they would do if it can't save it, will they move on or will they finally give us remakes of 7,8 and 9

VersusEM3795d ago

Explain that to the thousands who bought it. I liked Final Fantasy XIII, and will buy XIII-2 day 1

Lamarthedancer3795d ago

So lots of people bought GTA4 when it came out..."OMG IT'S GTA4 OMG" then later fnd out it wasn't as good as past GTA games.

Just because a ton of people bought it dosen't mean it's a hit. It's all about hype, and it was the first FF game on the next generation consoles.

Ryudo3795d ago

Still stating Versus will be better then 13-2 when we haven't had the chance to play either and know nothing about 13-2 just shows bias.

Don't get me wrong am looking forward to versus more myself, but as I haven't played either how can I possibly announce which is better?

13-2 could be Square-Enix's most amazing game ever for all we know, we know nothing about it hardly so it's next to impossible to guess it's potential.

Tru_Ray3795d ago

I think you mean "millions" that bought it, given that it's cumulative sales have exceeded 6 million.

In any case, I don't think that FF is a franchise that needs "saving". FF XIII-2 is an opportunity to improve upon a solid battle system in FFXIII and FFvsXIII looks to be very promising overall.

The fact that they have three major releases in development concurrently should indicate that the brand is still very strong.

pain777pas3795d ago

The quality is there the excution and fun factor were not. That goes for GTA4 and FF12 and 13 to be honest.

Ponurasky3795d ago

With Wada, Nomura, Toriyama, Kitase and Nojima in charge? Never. FF is dead.

sasuke993795d ago

Can Square Enix Save "Final Fantasy"?

Ponurasky3795d ago

If FF really need to be saved, than it must be saved from SE.

tablav3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

With Nomura on board, FF is dead? This is the same Nomura who has created some of the best FF characters ever and heads up the MASSIVELY popular Kingdom Hearts Series?

Edit: Interesting disagree. Whether or not you like Kingdom Hearts, it IS popular. And I see nothing wrong with his design skills. FF8 was one of my favourite Final Fantasy games...whatever...

Ponurasky3795d ago

Nomura was (quite) good in the past (not as good as Kaneko, Amano, Kojima or Yoshida, but still good). However, what he do now it's usually a mere shadow of his old designs. Not to mention that he get repetitive, and have a horrible sens of fashion (no wonder for Versus XIII he hired a professional cloth designer for Noctis outfits).

Burning_Finger3795d ago

If they remake Final Fantasy VII. :)

Stealth20k3795d ago

Another one of these articles written from some one who hasnt played any one of the recent ff games.

ff gaiden was the most fun Ive had in some tiime

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