Jaffe responds to accusations of sexism over NGP comments

Jaffe's lewdness pisses people off again

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psman0122870d ago

People just need to calm the hell down.

visualb2870d ago

People are too sensitive nowdays.

well you know what?


deal with it...pussies =)

AndrewRyan2870d ago

Women think everything is sexist these days. Literally anything a man does to a woman can be considered sexist. It is ridiculous.

rezzah2870d ago

@ Andrew Ryan

Actually the fact that we as men dont realise what is so sexist is due to the reason that we are the privileged ones. Since men stand at a higher ground than women naturally. Yea that means women dont stand equally by the side of men, and thats not my opinion its fact. The ones who are not privileged feels the affects that only they can. So they understand the feelings of the sexism, racism, ageism, etc. Even some people dont realize if they are being the things I mentioned above to others.

In this case Jaffe said a sexist thing but we as men dont see it as being sexist because we arnt the ones on the receiving end. Whether or not he intended it to be sexist, which i highly doubt, it still affected those women in the end.

Heartnet2870d ago

meh ur only effected by sexism if u believe u are not equal to men :)

So its the womans fault :P

rezzah2870d ago

@ Heartnet.

thats one of the problems. Those who are privileged think its the ones who are "below" us fault. When the privileged ones are the cause of the problems.

So thinking is the womens fault for the cause of men isnt going to fix it. In fact it only makes you oblivious to the problems since it doesnt affect you first hand. If it did, well then youd be the one complaining and the cause of your problems will be ignored for the very reason you stated about women.

jetlian2869d ago

this is crazy. women get tired of D$%# too. point was as things age you don't see it the same.

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visualb2870d ago

People are too sensitive nowdays.

well you know what?


kookie2870d ago

Lol double post disagree

Jezuz2870d ago

lol, reminds me of this math "survey" i had at school. Almost are questions are about men better than women. WTF was my school thinking

Ares84PS32870d ago

Yeah, everyone needs to calm down. People are so sensitive nowdays.

Supposedly in todays world we have "free speech". In reality we don't. Whatever we say have serious conciquences and many times things can turn into a shitstorm in minutes just because someone was offended by what we said even though it wasn't meant to be offensive.

In today's world, I can't tell a black person that he is black because he get's offended. I can't tell a fat person that he is fat because he get's offended. I can't tell a bald person that he is bald because he get's offended. I can't tell a midget that he is short because he get's offended. I could go on but I'm sure most of you get the point.

Today's world we do not have free speech. In today's world we better watch what we say more than ever.

To be honest, it's bullshit. Everyone should be allowed to talk what's on their mind freely.

UnwanteDreamz2870d ago

Typical. Get mad about this guy telling the truth. He hasn't hurt women or their image.

You know what they should be upset with?

Teen Mom - That show sets women back but they watch it and love it with no complaints.

iceman062869d ago

Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Any Celebrity Dating Shows, Jerry Springer, Maury, The Real Women of (wherever the hell they are from this month), etc. ALL set the woman's lib movement back you stated...they are watched and adored by droves of women.

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Iamback2870d ago

Feminists can suck my......

Eamon2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

@ lamback. If it weren't for the feminist movement then your mother would not have been able to vote.

But yeah, this is your typical trash talk with no sexist intentions. People do need to calm down.

Pozzle2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Eh. Sounds like a big deal over nothing, imo. I'll never understand the feminists that cause an uproar about such unimportant and petty things, and end up making true feminists look bad in the process.

Feminism has done a lot of great things, no doubt. Heck, I'm a woman myself and I appreciate that. But it's only great when it focuses on the REAL issues of gender inequality (e.g. women not getting paid as much as men in the workplace, etc). Not crap like "OMG! A man used the word pussy on twitter! He must hate women!!!" It's obvious what Jaffe meant, and it's obvious that he wasn't trying to insult women or say that women are lesser than men.

Focus on the big issues. Not one man using a naughty word.

StbI9902870d ago

LOOOOL at disagrees...shame on you, shame on you.

Legion2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Not so obvious... the use of the word actually is to put people down for playing, acting or resembling a woman. In NO way is it a good thing.

In Jaffes use of the word he is using it to objectify women (which most of us guys do on a regular basis) we don't see anything wrong with it but that doesn't make it right.

Did he mean to insult women... I don't think so. Did he insult women? Yes... not all took offence but he did insult them. And we guys (for the most part) do it all the time. Some women just prefer for it not to be done and voice their concern.

An apology should be made if he insulted someone without it being the meaning behind his verbiage. Simple as that...

Hiding behind the "I am intentionally crass and lewed at times because I think 2 many people are hypocritical uptight bizzy bodies" line...? Does that even help the situation? He doesn't even take responsability for his words in that verbiage. Bizzy body itself is a derogetory phrasing that we mainly point towards women who put their nose into places they shouldn't. And he just put his foot into his mouth with that.

Also, the "However, no one has said a thing- man or woman- and so it doesn't occur to me." line... I think someone is saying something to you now.

Maybe it is my military background that has imbedded the ideology into me...? But what you say and how people take it are often two different things. He will hopefully learn something from this? Or maybe not and he can pull a Don Imus? ha

Graey2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I like your reply.

Having put it into context I can see how some people can and do have the right to get offended. I'm black so I hate the N word...but my friends who are also black say it all the time. Just think every time its said its a derogatory thing and just further constitutes the image that its cool to be rude/disrespectful. Even though to my friends they are not meaning it in the negative is in fact meant in that way. Weird eh.

That being said...what are some words that can be used that can't be miss interpreted as any other word but what is being said, can't be racists, sexists, etc. But is still a good word to use when your bashing people/or shit talking.


UnwanteDreamz2870d ago

"An apology should be made if he insulted someone without it being the meaning behind his verbiage."

Nope. Why should he? This is bullshit. He didn't say all women are good for is p*s*y. He said it was all the same and from a biological standpoint it pretty much is. If these offended women had half a brain they would understand that.

He has to apologise for saying the word p*s*y but MTV can exploit young uneducated mothers and trampy women in general and no one cares. They call that entertainment. GTFO

Legion2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )


Maybe not many words? But obvious words and phrases are what you would call instigators? And his word being one that usually can't even be said on television should give him a clue. And in his own words he KNOWS that he says things just to get reactions.

It might be who he is and he hasn't come to the reality that his persona is not appreciated by many? He needs to figure out what works best within his work and what is responsable in the public speaking that he does. I am thinking if he represents a company then they might want him to reflect their thoughts on the subject or at least do so in public?

If a Shock Jock like Stern gets fired over verbiage then someone who isn't paid to shock might be stepping the boundaries?


Let me make it simpler for you. If you stepped on someones foot and didn't mean to would you apologize? Physical or emotional pains are neither justified too be haphazardly discarded.

UnwanteDreamz2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I would apologise unless the person acted like an ass and demanded an apology.

In that case I'd tell em to jump on a fat one and rotate. He should not feel forced to apologise. If he is sorry he offended anyone then he should.

You can hardly compare accidently offending someone with words to stepping on a persons foot.

Strawman Fallacy.

We can debate the topic or we can debate stepping on a foot. I can make an argument fit a different situation too. If I were to say that I don't believe in god and a Christian got upset would it be right for me to feel obligated to apologise for my beliefs? When my beliefs harm absolutly no one? Words can only harm you when you give them power.

Legion2869d ago

I never said he HAD to apologize. I said he should apologize. Two different things. Doing the right thing is not always the first thing that pops into peoples minds.

As for the strawman fallacy I am assuming you are referring to it in that manner due to me over simplifying the insult?

A person or persons was offended and by his remarks made he condoned his own actions as being his crass way in attempts to slap at those he feels are sometimes "hypocritical uptight bizzy bodies".

As for your saying you do not believe in god and offending someone for your non-belief in in their dogma. That might be strawman tactics themselves? But to answer your question... I think that it is a bit different as stating your belief "without direct insult" versus his speech which was blatantly sexually suggestive in a negative way. (as he even alluded to in his rebuttal as being crass)

I am not saying everyone needs to apologize for everything. But the situation if not meant to offend or instigate then an apology is always a welcome social retort. Now those MEANING to instigate are doing so for a reason... and thus an apology is not on their agenda, if that was the case then he would not need to apologize as offence was his motive. He stated he meant no offence... that deserves and socialy requires him to apologize if offence was taken.

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SuicideShaun2870d ago

Well it is true that feminists focus on stupid things sometimes. They also are usually the sexists themselves, because they never want to be equal with man, they always teach that women are better. Thus doing exactly what they are fighting against...

TheMutator2870d ago

dammit i hate that mothef$#^%$^$#%^%

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