Call Of Duty: Black Ops goes to the movies

VGM's latest episode takes you into the danger zone with its exhaustive look at the greatest war films that have inspired the latest Call Of Duty installment, Black Ops.

We know you're all probably very excited about the First Strike DLC that's out tomorrow, but why not get yourself acquainted with some silver screen 'Nam classics too? We've got the exhaustive rundown of every war movie you need to see if you're a hoorah-ing COD-o-phile, plus a roundup of the Top 5 films with the highest bodycounts. That's a lot of death. Enjoy!

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skywalkeruk2817d ago

Yes all very excited about First Strike DLR release tomorrow oh wait a minute unless you have a PS3 or PC then your not. Ha new maps, keep em man I'm not purchasing them when it's released on PS3.