Metacritic: Best Videogames of 2010

When Mario heads into outer space, great things happen. Topping our list of the best-reviewed videogames of 2010 is Wii title Super Mario Galaxy 2 at 97%, the sequel to our 2007 game of the year, Super Mario Galaxy.
The new Mario title edged out the Xbox 360 sequel Mass Effect 2 (96%) and two versions of western adventure Red Dead Redemption at 95% (for PS3 and 360) to take home this year’s title.

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ps3360games3797d ago

ps3 wins again

Metacritic says

1st ps3
2nd xbox 360
3rd wii

Ifone3797d ago

Lol, fanbiy in denial use "disagree" with your fact...they don't even want to accept the metacritic maths :)

ChickeyCantor3797d ago

" they don't even want to accept the metacritic maths :)"

Its funny how I never look at Metacritics and still am able make my own verdicts and conclusions.

And for all we know some scores can be forced.
Dont care for ratings. So go eat your facts sheep.

norman293797d ago

if you intend on doing it correctly its

1st PC
2nd PSP
3rd PS3

1st DS
2nd PSP
3rd PC

But for colsole alone its

1st PS3
2nd 360
3rd Wii

1st PS3
2nd Wii
3rd 360

Commander_TK3797d ago

The amount exclusives the PC has is fucking incredible.

norman293797d ago

How can i get disagreed for stating facts?

IQUITN4G3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

One day i'll be in here reading the comment section and there wont be one mention of fanboy this xbot that blah blah bollocks- playground stuff basically.Yeah not very likely is it

What actually is the average age on here or is it that obvious

P_Bomb3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

List is factually incorrect, wtf metacritic!

Top 5 PS3 exclusives is missing higher rated games than Hustle Kings in the #5 spot.

I mean, MLB10 The Show has a 91 avg FFS, lol! ModNation Racers has an 83 avg and Sly Collection has an 85. None of them are in the top 5 but all 3 should be. For a site about stats and averages, that's a pretty epic fail.

On a sidenote, their "C = 50% or less" rating scale is the dumbest I've ever seen and skews things terribly. Everyone who ever went to school KNOWS that A = 90+ give or take, B = 80+ give or take, C = 60+ give or take, D = 50+ and F = less than 50%. Their bizarro scale is counterintuitive and I seriously doubt when 1up etc give something a C+ they're thinking it's an F numerically.

Ifone3797d ago

Help them to correct it ,) if they are not so biased, they 'll do it.

P_Bomb3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Don't have an account there. Aw well, I'm sure someone will notice. Right? lol.

Also, oops. Missed the 70% in my grade to number conversion, lol. C+ is usually in the high 70's for example. D for me ran from D- at 50% to a D+/C- in the low 60's. Point stands though. Don't think any of us ever got a 50/100 for that C in History or whatever. :p

mobijoker3797d ago

Interesting stats.Pc got the lowest number of bad games.In other words,pc games are generally decent.PS3 got the console crown as they had a good year and this year even looking better.X360 got the most games.
So,no one is a runaway winner.
So,the debate of who is best will be continued...