UK PS3 Chart: LittleBigPlanet 2 holds firm

Dead Space 2 can't shake the DIY platformer from the top spot.

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ActionBastard2820d ago

If my daughter will put this down, maybe I'll get a chance to play. Trying to play this with an 11yr old is like playing with a drill Sargent - "Dad jump!" "Dad get that sticker!" "Dad, you made me die!"

thereapersson2820d ago

You deserve a bubble for that story. A father playing a game with his daughter; a child and a parent spending quality time together. That is what we need more of in this world.

2820d ago
jneul2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

lol well i have no issues playing with my daughter and yes she bosses me around like mad but i get her back, puts on grabinator and throws her sackgirl into the hazards lol

ABizzel12820d ago

lol it's funny you say that, because that's how I am when I play with other people. I'm yelling, get the bubbles, get the sticker, get the items, stop taking all the lives. LOL.

espiritu6042819d ago

thats damn sweet. I read the qoute out loud in a high pitched voice lol. but yea, ur a pretty awesome dad unlike the majority last gen dad. catch my drift?

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psman0122820d ago

Man, I still need to pick this one up! Whats taking me so long!?

Sitris2820d ago

Die not expect that, finished the story and have about 95% of collectables, and I still need to ace about half the levels. And I haven't touched community levels yet! Such amazing replay value from this title.

Snake-eater2820d ago

DIY platformer of the year

Acquiescence2820d ago

amongst PS3 owners. Can't blame them really.

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