Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PC: Not just a simple port, say developer

Website PCGH sat down with Ubisoft and discussed what kind of advantages pc gamers will have when Assassin's Creed Brotherhood will be released in March 2011.

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Ranshak2821d ago

Remove the DRM if you really want it to be successful and price at 49usd(or perhaps even lower), since the game has been out for months now on console.

Valkyre2821d ago

You guys are still waiting?

EpsilonTeam2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I don't mind playing this 3D Vision Surround with everything max instead of 560p 30fps like you. LOL.

Kurylo3d2821d ago

totally worth waiting for a version thats 10x better performance and graphically wise.

joydestroy2821d ago

lame. no DX11. only DX9 =/

Theo11302821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I have yet to see a dx 11 game that justifies the money sink asides from Civ V

just_looken2821d ago

to both above pc games have just dove into directx10.0 and 2012 directx 12 is comeing out (win8).

Ducky2821d ago

Metro, Stalker ... and... uhh... maybe Battlefield3 when we got some details. =/

Though most of DX11's features a bit more on the subtle side.

jaosobno2821d ago

A complex port instead?

iamgoatman2821d ago

More like what should be considered a standard port job.

iamgoatman2821d ago

*Golf Clap* Greaaat.

Having the ability to change the resolution, amounts of AA and AF etc aren't some sort of additional "features", they're pretty much the standard for PC games. When a game doesn't allow the use of AA for expample, it's normally critised by the PC gaming community, and rightly so.

Also optimising the engine for good performance should be second nature when it comes to porting and bringing a game to the PC, but alas more and more devs are getting lazy and looking for a quick cash grab. I didn't play AC2 on PC, but I've heard some generally less that favourable comments about how well it ran.

"The other advantage is the guarantee of hard-drive installation which ensures decent loading times."

That bit made me laugh! HDD installation!? Thanks so much Ubisoft! /s

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