Sony NGP: Sega 'extremely optimistic' of console's success

Sega West president Mike Hayes has told CVG that the firm is "extremely optimistic" that Sony NGP (PSP2) will be a sales success.

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Cloudberry3797d ago

I hope SEGA would localize Valkyria Chronicles 3 soon.

Oh and also Kurohyou (Yakuza Portable).

Rikitatsu3797d ago

Well, they always bet on the least successful console.

(Last gen: Xbox, this gen: PS3)

Cloudberry3797d ago

As long I could play their games.

Shadow Flare3797d ago

Part of me wants to know why he thinks ps3 is the least successful console (probably JUST refering to the sales, despite launching a year after 360) but then again I can't be bothered cos I know he's just trolling

supremacy3797d ago

Thats because not every firm runs on bandwagon fuel.

However most of them do run on business propositions..

This is despite what their history may say about them. Because we all know the same could had happen to Nintendo had the wii failed to make its mark.

In the long run, or should I say in the grand scheme of things, its all about money. Its all about profitability, and in this case if the man saids his firm had a profitable run on the psp,than can you blame him and his firm for supporting the platform?

Its all business, thats what gaming industry is. Regardless of how you choose to view it or a companies strategies for that matter.

But...if it helps you sleep better at night, say what you will than.

sinncross3797d ago

Well hopefully this means that SEGA is throwing their support behind the NGP software wise.

StbI9903797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

VC iv to the NGP please, thank you very much.

And for the guy @rikiikatsu, another xbox stroll, good to be around long to enough to recognize guys like you, then calling ps3 the least suscesful besides Xbox?????

Sure, hope you are betting that ass if a statement on the sales, cus sales mean nothing compared to the games that least SUSCESFUL system is getting.

Compared to the Xbox which imho, was one if not the most bad supporter console of all time, and that sir, is a failure of a console, FACT.

Console w/o games = Least suscesful, failure.

Chromer3797d ago

The more support that gets behind the NGP, the better.

a_bro3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

people that think that this is going to be another PSP have to start getting their heads out their A## right now. PSP didnt had such a functionality at the time to attract both a casual and hardcore gamer. plus it wasnt easy to develop for like the PS2 and PS3. Ken Kuturagi wasnt the best of friends with Developers either.

on top of that, this isnt going to be like the PS3 were again, in the kuturagi era, they "frankensteined" new hardware that was not yet available to use at the time. all these components that you find on the NGP are easily available and cheap to manufacture.

Ju3797d ago

NGP has one huge advantage over PSP. It can (!) play like a console because of the controls. And it has a touch. Those two things alone make the console just so much more accessible. This and better visuals would let me enjoy quite some games more than the PSP did.

And of course, they can pretty much port existing PS3/360 content over to the handheld with little to no effort in the art department or can design games from the ground with both in mind. Saves almost 50% cost in the art queue - which today is huge!

Stealth20k3797d ago

porting games will kill this system. And adds no value to consumers who own the ps3.

StbI9903797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Tell that to those who played mgs snake eater, dead of alive, ninja gaiden, ummm and all the rehash coming next to the 3DS simply to ad 3D, wouldn't it apply to the 3DS as well?.

Why would it kill the system?, the basic idea bdehind ports is to have the same game on a wider margin or customer, yeah, those who played the console counterpart would not be that interested in said game, but in no case would the game kill the console let alone be any un-appealing to others niche non console users like people I know who plays barely with their androids.

But guess that bubble makes you a closed minded at being open minded xD.

Ju3796d ago

How would that kill the system?

I mean, I sure would rather play/finish an Uncharted level while waiting for my dentist than reading the latest E! news. What's wrong with that?

a_bro3796d ago

3DS has a bunch of ports coming as well. what value is there for that?

just_looken3797d ago

sega? wth this is just funny this company had 3 failed consoles there opinion shouldn't be noted.

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