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Zir02819d ago

"The 360 version was the biggest-selling of the three SKUs, with 56 percent to PS3’s 40 percent, despite having a HD version of Dead Space: Extraction bundled into the Sony version."

Quite surprised about the split considering the PS3 had an exclusive ad campaign and a free game with it. I guess since the 360 installbase is nearly double the PS3s in the UK it balances things out but still surprising.

Istanbull2819d ago

Where in the source does it say that? Stop playing teh salezzz, can't believe people get a boner of how much a game/console sells.

AkidzukiYoujiro2819d ago

Did you ever consider that maybe PS3 users were buying LBP2 instead?

Snake-eater2819d ago

or mass effect 2 or DC universe online

Wh15ky2819d ago

WOW! 360's install base is double that of the PS3's in the UK? I didn't realise that.

Although, if that's the case, I'm surprised the 360 version didn't outsell the PS3 version by more, considering 360 owners have had no other new AAA rated games to buy and PS3 owners have had 3 in as many weeks - Mass Effect 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Dead Space 2.

ugo2819d ago

must u tell us, play the game instead of bragging about sales

ps3360games2819d ago

world wide the ps3 version of Dead Space 2 is seling more
i guess its since the ps3 has a bigger world wide installbase

lelo2play2819d ago

Top 40 Entertainment Software - individual formats (units), week ending 29 January 2011

badz1492819d ago

but both are selling pretty well. good to see

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kramun2819d ago

Well deserved, I love DS2.

gillri2819d ago

good to see im loving it!!

finalll getting the recognition the first should have got

now its up to America to buy the game in droves

hot1112819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Where in the source does it say that?"
Real source is chart-track...use google
jump to Eurogamer as well