Homefront PC Exclusive Features Revealed

GamerZines writes:

Kaos Studios outline what benefits PC gamers will enjoy over their console brethren when playing THQ's forthcoming FPS release.

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HK63276d ago

PC gaming never dies... it is just missing in action. /cheese

awiseman3276d ago

Nice reference to halo

and props to thq for giving pc gamers a bonus.

evrfighter3276d ago

It's nice to see a studio that does not forget its roots...

Id like to support them at launch but I'm very wary of thq and ubisoft games when it comes to quality and support.

kancerkid3276d ago

I would expect everything mentioned in this article to be in the PC version, no questions asked..

SuicideShaun3276d ago

Well this sounds good, I was going to buy it on xbox just cause I thought I wasn't going to play it much but I may rethink now.

LunaticBrandon3276d ago

Good to hear. Small things like this ensure the PC version sells.

Shackdaddy8363276d ago

This got me excited again for this game. Thanks Kaos!

WhiteNoise3276d ago

Holy crap, bot matches, I'm f-ing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD.

KingDustero3276d ago

I don't see the hype about this. In my experience playing against bots in MP maps is no fun at all. Why would you want to play against bots in MP? The SP is for that.

Anyways everyone has his/her own opinion.

It would've been nice if they added the record feature to the consoles, but I was never planning on getting it at release anyways, even if it did have a recording feature.

Homefront does look pretty good, but it looks pretty similar to MAG, which I've played a LOT. I'd rather spend money on a completely new game myself.

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