Sony Planning NGP Re-releases for PSP Games

Andriasang: Sony's upcoming next generation portable system, codenamed NGP, does not have a UMD drive. So what happens to the PSP's backlog, which is still largely UMD-only? Gigazine quizzed Sony Computer Entertainment on the issue.

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Rainstorm812815d ago

One weird thing about gaming.....the early adopters seem to get the short end of the stick in the long run.

matey2815d ago

1 thing i do know about 3DS and its GPU it incorporates Maestro technology which can do DX10.1 graphics and tesselation plus every shader possible its very powerful and thats without the cpu all NGP has done is shown a few tech demos WOW wait till Crytek demos a 3DS game.

StbI9902815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Yet, commenters like you doesn't stop writing void assumption and ditching the mere showcasing fact that the sony conference had as a purpose. It was all about demoing the devices, its capabilities and what can it do, NO ANNOUNCING IT, oh you.

Otherwise Nintendo announced their system at last year e3, why do you think sony didn't do the same this year?, Gotta leave it as homework for the likes of you xD.

One thing I do know about, coming this year e3, 3DS will be blown away of its competence with true mind blowing handheld videogames.

Save yourself, the graphics fact there mate, 3DS doesn't have a chance in this little area.

spectyre2815d ago

Talk about off topic. PS3 vs 360 is bad enough on this site, we don't need 3DS vs NGP fanboys randomly pulling comments out of their ass that have nothing to do with the story at hand.

On topic: I suspect that Square has known this for quite some time. Not releasing the Kingdom Hearts on the PSN seemed like and odd move to me... now I see they are trying to force people to buy the game twice. I'm glad I'm patient and didn't buy it. Hopefully they won't try this with 3rd Birthday and Type-0

StbI9902815d ago

Copyright issues with song and features stuff more likely, a UMD reader wouldn't do the trick, what for? to add less span of time to the battery?

That is why sony had to go with the freaking flash card from the very start to not suffer such a back slash as this, way to go though, way to go.