Second wave of “mind blowing” Kinect games due in April

Scoble is a former Microsoft employee who left the company in 2006 to pursue a full-time blogging career. Scoble still has close ties to Microsoft and has previously hinted at several product launches ahead of their official release. Microsoft currently has four Kinect titles that its game studios division publishes. The software giant has previously confirmed it’s working on four new Kinect titles for release in 2011: Codename D, Forza Motorsport 4, Haunt and Project Draco.

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Kamikaze1353797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

When is the 1st wave?

Tinasumsum3797d ago

You'll have to ask one of the 11 million owners.

3797d ago
Kamikaze1353797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

And that's not what I asked. Read before you reply. I'm asking what mind blowing games came out.

Tinasumsum3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Has their been a explosion of Sony fans in the last few days? WoW So many of them giving so many disagrees. 8 million shipped was a number a month old when stock was low. Kinect sells over 3 and a half million a month. Trolling is a bad way to start your 28 minute old account.

FailOverHero3797d ago

Tina, no way kinect is at 11 million units sold. Even vgchartz is at 7.99 million. However since 1 kinect can play up to 4 players, you can say 11 million users but not owners.
@40 minute account guy, kinect shipped 8 million end of 2010, are you going to keep saying that all year round? By you logic Move is still at 4.1 shipped...right?

pollocks3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Kinect can only have 2 users at once, not four? :S

Btw, lol @ you and Tinasumsum trying to 'expose' troll accounts. When both of you are nothing more than trolls yourselves.

I_find_it_funny3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Tbh, I'd buy Kinect for PC to have cool stuff that's going to be created BUT I hate it's size.

It's too big and ugly lookig to have it around my monitor.

Dragun6193797d ago

Hard to Tell. If they're aiming for April, MS should start showing the games off already.

Senden3797d ago

Sorry but why do you assume people trolling kinect articles are sony/ps fanboys? Kinect has been nothing but a resource and company focus hog for xbox with microsoft completely turning their back on the very people who put the xbox where it is today. Is it really that surprising that xbox fans would troll kinect articles because they're disgruntled by the lack of decent exclusives?

I've been an avid supporter of the xbox since I got it back in it's first summer of release and laughed my head off at what I believed to be delusional sony fans but who is laughing now? While they get quality game after quality game of great first party exclusives, we get kinect trash thrown in our faces all over the xbox dashboard then every blue moon we get tossed a bone like we're dogs in the form of some sequel with nothing really new or refreshing brought to the table.

Richard_Hammond3797d ago

haha, its 8 million SHIPPED units, not 11 million units sold to customers. And yes, where the hell is the first wave of "Mind-Blowing" Kinect games?

shoddy3797d ago

11 million owners problably get wacking balls and rubbing tiger for the first wave.

The best and only time of games make Kinect worthy of buying is dancing and finest games.

the rest you'll look quite stupid, I tried Kinect at bestbuy.

here is an example

Senden3797d ago

LOL a balloon popping game? Sorry but how can any real gamer on this site defend such a game? How many minutes do you think it'll take before that game loses it's novelty value and becomes boring? Maybe that's why in all the adverts you see people with big cheesy smiles on their face.. they're not trying to make it look fun, they're trying to convince themselves they're having fun by forcing a fake smile.

Inside_out3796d ago

Nobody is forcing you to buy a Kinect sensor or even a 360 yet every Kinect post is run over by a bunch of jealous fanboys. It has been confirmed to be 8 million SOLD...try to keep up will

Where has M$ abandoned there hard core was nothing BUT hard core. Mass Effect was supposed to be a trilogy and an exclusive trilogy. Is it M$ fault they were sold to EA and now have gown Multi...NO...the first 2 games were exclusive to M$ and on Jan 2010, the hard core 360 guys got it first.

Metro 2033, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan wake, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach ( Hello ) Fable 3...C'mon now, what the heck else do you want. Do multi-plats not count RDR was a far better game on 360 than PS3...the sales reflect that.

Nobody knows how 2011 is going to end up. Sony closed down after E3 2010 when they seen what M$ had lined up. Sure now Sony releases LBP2 and s0-com, but those games were suppose to be 2010 fall launches. KZ is really the only exclusive they have leading up to E3 2011. Wait for E3 and lets see who has what going into the second half of the year and the holidays.

Personally, I think M$ will launch a hard core type of system to compliment that 360 S. Leave the 360 S for the Kinect and casual friendly guys with all it's great features BUT release a true up to date next gen gaming machine ready for everything that devs can throw at it...keeping my fingers crossed.

Game-ur3796d ago


Just make it simple and tell us what Kinect games blew you away and how.

NoobJobz3796d ago

This is a serious question. I honestly wonder how many people bought one cuz they wanted one and how many buyers were old women that heard Oprah say it was the next best thing? She could recommend suicide and people would do it. Smart move by MS getting her involved. I know two of my aunts bought one and they never played videogames.

ManGastaS3796d ago

Every time I say to my son to stop playing kinect and go to bed, he cries like there will be no tomorow!

Legion3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


It looks like you have already been playing a ballon popping game. lol

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Rainstorm813797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

You didnt find Dance central and Kinectimals "mind-blowing"??

Who the hell gave these games that title anyway? The only thing "mind-blowing" is Kinect's retail success thus far, and maybe some of the PC hacks.....I have yet to see a "mind blowing" piece of software for kinect yet. If i did i might own the device.

I say the rumour is untrue as the titles wont be "mind-blowing" titles.

I swear there will be more Kinect games released in 2011 than core exclusives for 360, Personally thats why i dislike Kinect, it represents the shift in MS gaming strategy.

m23453797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

that' exactly what i'm saying. our minds weren't blown the first time. idk if it'll be blown now. i suspect that tina and failoverhero are the same person anyway so...

TBM3797d ago

really when was the first? because i don't think a bunch of casual shovelware can be considered mindblowing.

the shovelware is the reason why i wont purchase the camera. i dont support shovelware on any console.

Jaces3797d ago

"mind blowing"

That made me laugh. :)

Ifone3796d ago

"" lol, xfanboy are really searching hard on blogs to find funny things like "mindblowing" joke :)

turnerdc3796d ago

To be honest, I was quite impressed by Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, and Dance Central. Wasn't completely BLOWN away but was amazed at how well they worked and how fun the games turned out to be. I'm all for motion control gaming because, if taken seriously and implemented right, they can open up a whole new direction for games that we've never seen before. So there you go, those are my 3 that I played that I thought were pretty damn amazing.

spacetattoo3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Always biased fanboys On this site. Kinect is a great success and thats why it Pounded on move and move launched first. Every platform or add on in the beginning comes out with some good games and some bad games. Ps3 didn't have games for almost a year and half. So why don't you all get over it already! Kinect is a success.

Seems that, Kinect adventure (8,000,000), Kinect sports(2,537,240), Dance Central(1,593,216), Your shape(649,398), Kinectimals(777,592) all have proved them selfs as being great games and being mIllion sellers or will be soon. 5 games at launch that will sell over a million, if not more. So what about the games. Remember that Kinect has only 8 Million units out there,So software sales for Kinect is phenomenal.

The second wave of games is going to blow people's mind. Plus software companies Knowing that Kinect is a hugh succes won't worry about throwing a good amount towards making the games creative, graphical, innovative and fun.

SO ALL THIS RUNNING OF THE MOUTH IS JUST JELOUSY AND A JOKE. GET OVER YOUR SELF! NOT EVERYONE HAS TO PLAY FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS TO BE A GAMER OR HARDCORE GAMER. I have a blast with kinect and so has everyone I have seen playing it. It's fun and active. I remember Why I don't come to N4G. To many biased points of view.

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dtrain213797d ago

Kinect games such as Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and Kinectimals for the little one's was very fun and a totally different experience unlike anything out there. Can't wait for the hardcore and casual games on my 360 and on the Kinect.

saladthieves3797d ago

Kinect's lack of physical controls aka BUTTONS make it even more less accurate, a huge factor in hardcore games like shooters. That is just an example of applying the Kinect to a hardcore game such as a shooter. Don't get your hopes up dtrain21, unless you consider the Dance Central, Kinectimals and Kinect Sport "hardcore" (lol) then you are out of luck.

Microsoft is just gonna keep on feeding you their casual stuff. ARE YOU READY for it? LOL!

saladthieves3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

As for your 360 hardcore games (not even including Kinect) you are still out of luck. What do you have for your 360 lined up this year, if you say you are a hardcore gamer, other than Forza, GeoW and maybe another halo and some unconfirmed exclusives starting with the word "Project"? Well, Microsoft has a surprise for you: More Kinect stuff coming your way! Do me a favor, just take a peek over the fence at, say Sony's house and look at the ridiculous hardcore games in their backyard!

thats_just_prime3797d ago

you mean like unplayable 3, lagzone 3 little big flop 2. A bunch of sequels to games that were god awful is hardly what I'd call hardcore. Personally I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week

B-Real2063797d ago

*runs to play with all the hardcore toys*

superrey193796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

@ prime
Lol as if the 360 doesn't rely on sequels... *cough* gears 3, halo, fable 3*cough*...
Also let's not forget that uncharted 2 topped most everyone's game of the year list so I would hardly say it was "God awful"

m23453797d ago


that's all i have to say.

Ifone3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Hardcore ? How ?

"totaly different experience" say the fb who want to ignore the eye toy.

"thats just prime" is probably the multi account of a well known liar, bashing goty, best games of the gen, and talking about quality over quantity, what a joke... You don't have both.

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FailOverHero3797d ago

Kinect fan over here...well sort of. There was no 1st wave of mind blowing titles. Mind blowing sales though. Maybe mind blowing titles for true kinect fans, casuals. From their perspective, kinect truely is mind blowing. I mean to them the concept of no controller is new and innovative, what with ps eye being a massive dud, selling 10 million in 10 years despite the massive ps2 base.
Simply put, if you're a core player, kinect won't blow your mind, you'll have fun with it but it won't WOW you beyond.
If you aren't a core gamer, kinect is like shooting up coke

sashimi3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

"Scoble is a former Microsoft employee who left the company in 2006 to pursue a full-time blogging career" I stop caring after i saw that...since when was blogging a career lol...guess i should just drop out of college to blog since it seems cheaper, wonder if the pay is good. /s
As for those mind blowing games i'm still looking for the 1st wave, let alone the second. They may be enjoyable to some but mind blowing it is not.

JoeReno3797d ago

I thought the same damn thing when I read the "full time blogger" B.S.

FailOverHero3797d ago

South african guy in Cape Town blogs for a living, owns a beachfront house and drives an AUDI R8 all from blogging. Expand your horizons

WharenPeace3796d ago

@FailOverHero I believe you mean "blogging career" pay rolled by rich or upper middle-class parents who live in Camps Bay.

Octo13797d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

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