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Up until this point i had no interest in MMO's and i thought this game would be the first one i could really get into, but it's too repetitive for its own good.

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gtsentry3795d ago

the glitches in this game are annoying,but that doesnt stop me from coming back and play it 24/7 with buddies online,and the glitches can be easily fixed anyway

LoVeRSaMa3795d ago

I guess its bound to happen when people who don't play MMO's and review games play one for the first time.

Plenty of variety, an Action MMO (really good and unique game style) lots to do, PVP is fun, its nice to just look for people to kill ect..

Afew glitches here and there (which is the same for any new MMO) nothing thats gamin spoiling , but looking forward to future updates.

nycredude3795d ago

Someone who never had an interest in MMO, with so many good ones available, gives a brand new one a low score. Are we surprised? These idiots have to stop reviewing games they have no interest in.

Octo13795d ago

NOOO!I want to play this but refuse to pay the monthly fee. Also I feel bad for games like this because upon review, any new MMO's has WoW to measure up against.

just_looken3795d ago

agree also just a fyi on the forums peaple are reporting that there data is on one server so there is achance you can loose all your data. Good concept but not a must have


Fair score..Average score for an average game... This game is fun but nothing special. But its a reall good game.

UltimateIdiot9113795d ago

I'm not big on MMO at all and not very willing to pay monthly subscription but this game made me consider if I want to pay for the month after the free trial. My roommates and I are having a blast.

I don't know if this is an influncing factor but my 40GB Fat PS3 with a Hitachi 250GB harddrive seems to run smoother and the menu load slightly quicker than my roommate with a 160GB Slim PS3 and my other roommate with a 500GB 20GB Fat PS3.

So maybe upgrading to a good harddrive might make the PS3 DC Universe experience smoother.

gorebago3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What's the point of reading something that wouldn't pass in a third grade English class?

Read outloud what you just wrote. If it sounds broken, fix it until it's adequate. Otherwise your argument is drowned in your sloppiness and none of us should take you seriously.

Why does such garbage get approved?

DragonKnight3795d ago

Not that I disagree with what you're saying but, you're not perfect either you know. Just saying that someone who is going to criticize grammar, punctuation, and spelling should probably do so themselves before criticizing.

Doesn't make you wrong though.

gorebago3795d ago

I don't know what you're getting on about. I type on a phone w/no key pad just a screen so if there are errors, it's from there. My writing professors were tough so it annoys me to see garbage. It's laziness.

DragonKnight3795d ago

Well, here's an example.

"Read out loud what you just wrote"

Traditionally that should be "Read aloud what you just wrote".

It's a nitpicky thing (I'm aware that nitpicky is not a word) that's not really an issue other than to be a part of my point.

platypusrme3794d ago

I think gorebago is proper in his criticism, and I also feel that the same criticism should not be given to a comments section. You are treating what he said as a general rule for the internet, but it is clear that he is saying reviews should be well written in order to be taken seriously.

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