Help indie game ORION: Prelude get funded

Spiral Game Studios is holding it's KickStarter promotion. They are roughly half way through and already 96% funded! Give your support - and get rewarded! These are limited time exclusive ranging from custom armor, custom weapons, having achievements named after you and even getting put into the game as a character.

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Goldchocobo3798d ago

I've been following Orion for a long time. I'm so 'proud' of how far they've gone *wipes tear*.

Covin3797d ago

Tried the Source Mod, good gameplay mechanism and really fun, i hope to play the release of the complete game.

poopsack3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


JoelEH3797d ago

Halo with dinosours and better graphics??? I'm in. kind of. I'll donate a dollar why not.