Steam/Netflix users to feel the pinch of Canada’s Internet UBB Policy

Canadians are up in arms against a new Internet cap policy coming into effect soon thanks to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Basically, rather than enjoying the benefits of downloading unlimited data via the Internet, users will now have to pay hefty fines if they cross their set data plans. This means gamers may have to actually visit brick and mortar stores again for new pick-ups.

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RonyDean2817d ago

I guess that means no more torrenting for Canadians...

Blaine2817d ago

Not only that, like the article says it also means limiting LEGITIMATE game digital downloads we'd be paying for.

The fucking retard who thought to put this in place obviously didn't consider people who actually PAY for their things online, like gamers.

Also, no way in HELL I'm going back to TV and radio. I HATE COMMERCIALS. So go fuck yourself CRTC.

AndrewRyan2817d ago

I live in Canada and let me just say this new UBB sucks hard... I had to switch to Bell due to my ISP only giving me 20GB a month downloading. I hate having to switch to Bell due to the fact that them and Rogers are basically the ones who started this new law because they weren't happy with the millions they were ALREADY MAKING.

This isn't a democracy anymore, it's fucking hierarchy.

JsonHenry2817d ago

Ah, what a better way to spend Canadian tax dollars than to fund a government agency to suppress the masses with laws that are not needed.

It will change when it starts to negatively affect those that made this a law.

thematrix12982817d ago

this has to be one of the stupidest move....$25gb/month? Thats not even enough to watch youtube videos + gaming. This is outrageous!

LiL T2817d ago

Fuck You CRTC. I signed the petition and shared it on teh Facialbook.

sak5002817d ago

Facialbook? I'd like to be member of that website :D

LiL T2817d ago

@sak500, LOL, you just might not want some friend invites though could get messy.

MNicholas2817d ago

is to take power from consumers and give it to big business.

Sadly, in the US, even the so-called liberal/left-wing, is starting to do the same thing.

The recent FCC rules approved by supposed liberal/left-wing President Obama basically gives these telecom giants even more power over consumers. What's more, a lot of the stimulus spending on infrastructure development has gone to these same companies.

Of course, that's just a drop in the bucket compared to what Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and other big businesses get every year from US tax-payers in return for aircraft and weapon systems that fail to meet contract requirements and cost many times more than was promised.

But even that pales incomparison to our spending on behalf of Exxon Mobil, 3M, etc.

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Shani2817d ago

Damn it. CRTC. I am going to protest this UBB thing. I hate these kind of restrictions.

wicko2817d ago

Right now I have an 5mbps unlimited bandwidth connection that I pay 40 a month for. Got an email from my provider, Teksavvy, who's been fighting this for a long time now. As of March, my connection will change from 40/month to 32/month, and my bandwidth will be limited to 25GB/month.

I bought Dragon Age ultimate edition on Steam, and it was 25GB.. my entire bandwidth gone with one game.

They are however offering 40GB insurance blocks, $4.75 each. You can go up to a max of 120GB extra, so for $47 I'll get 145. Pay more to get less.

Bandwidth is not a resource, and these telecom companies have no right to treat it like one. Now they'll oversell their lines even more and they won't bother laying new lines, which would have solved the problem in the first place, and kept us up with the rest of the world.

catguykyou2817d ago

Cancel your internet and go with something different.
I know it isn't the best solution, nor the easiest but you have to put your money in the direction you want the industry to head in. Even if it is toward a better cell phone plan that allows you to use it as your internet connection. Unlimited data.

Speed-Racer2817d ago

Well that sucks, basically they are taking the Internet back in time, not forward. Limiting online distribution is simply a foolish idea.

Pandamobile2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Wow CRTC, suck a dick. Really.

This is bullshit on so many levels. There needs to be a fricking law against this kind of crap.

distorted_reality2817d ago

Wow, I thought we had it bad in Oz.

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