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Andriasang: We've already delivered a summary of Famitsu's recent interview covering Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Versus XIII should be coming soon (a complete version of the magazine's interview is expected at later today). But first, a game that will be released ahead of both, Final Fantasy Type-0.

Famitsu got commentary from producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Hajime Tabata.

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RedDead3795d ago

"Summons in Type-0 aren't unique -- that is, there are multiple copies of all summons. They're like weapons, and the army has them stocked up. If your Bahamut is killed, there's nothing to worry about, as there are plenty."

Lol, sounds good, makes them a bit less godly though. The army must be breeding them...

rezzah3795d ago

Yea that is an interesting concept. I was wondering about that Bahamut that died in the CGI footage shown like last week. It actually died with blood spilling out.

rockleex3795d ago

Pushing Versus 13 to 2012?

Darn you Square Enix!

Godmars2903795d ago

Think of them in term of form heavy magic takes as its being cast. Like in Disgaea. Or the old definition of avatars; the manifestation of a god on the mortal plane of existence.

Though if they really wanted to run wild with the concept they could add a multiplayer mode and make summons customizable.

Lirky3795d ago

Many main characters its like square enix doing a Persona type thing that Atlus does. I dont know.

Eamon3795d ago

FFVI had 14 main characters.

Arnon3795d ago

God... I was such a Final Fantasy nut back in the day, but to be perfectly honest, the only thing that actually excites me about Final Fantasy these days is the artwork in the title. :(

ShadowJetX3795d ago

Gotta half agree with you there.