DC Universe Online GLITCH Video - Outside of WatchTower

Man I have to be the clumsiest hero in the Universe. Today after a whole day of battle missions I was taking a break up in the watchtower. Minding my own business, walking through the the magic wing when I fell straight through the floor. It's not like I was trying to pass through a wall or anything I was just simply walking right down the middle of the carpeted ramp.

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Hitman07692871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Wow, even though this game is amazing I am surprised there are so many glitches like this.


totally agree, it's a shame for these little glitches to exist in such a sick game which you really just wanna say good things for, hopefully the glitch doesn't overshadow how sick the game really is.

SpaceSquirrel2871d ago

I hope they patch it soon.

Criminal2871d ago

For $15 a month, you'd expect they're on top of these glitches. I guess now that the video is up, SOE will fix it.

zgoldenlionz2871d ago

This same exact thing happened to me, it was fun to explore the outerspace and it was an easy fix being that you can warp to a Rally zone or HQ from your menu. not really a big problem at all.

rdgneoz32871d ago

Don't be surprised with glitches in MMOs or big games. Just look at anything Call of Duty. Or you should have seen WoW when it was first released...

vgcgames2871d ago

even with glitch game is amazing

SuicideShaun2871d ago

He probably had a laggy connection and the map loaded after he went through the wall. Happens to me sometimes in gotham. Not really a glitch.

IMChampion2871d ago

Real heroes can fly into outer space. You nailed it!

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2871d ago

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

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