Spec Ops: The Line - "Dubai is a great playground"

CVG: "We sat down with Mathias Wiese, one of the five founders of the German development studio to talk about Spec Ops."

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g0green3795d ago

Oo forgot about this game but has potential to be sick

captain-obvious3795d ago

they better not fuck it up because im from there

jetlian3795d ago

game is horrible. I was in the beta. This was by far the worst shooter i ever played. 1/10

showtimefolks3795d ago

2011? OR 2012

it looks really good let's just hope for the best if 2011 please come around summer that's when we need more games not every game in fall

if a publisher knows their game won't be good enough for fall 2011 delay the game simple you will not make money

uncharted 3
mass effect 3
resistance 3
gears 3
forza 4
last guardian

see the quality there so no more gimmicks for fall 2011

Pandamobile3795d ago

$5 says it'll be banned in Dubai.

captain-obvious3795d ago

lol and still be sold there

SSKILLZ3795d ago

lol $10 there gonna change the enemy's name to Opposing force

Shani3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Trailer for this game is awesome. Could be really good game. Have to keep an eye on this one.

spektical3795d ago

i remember spec ops on the ps1, and it was memorable for me because it was coop. :)

i dont remember which one it was, but i played this when i was like 10, and couldnt get passed some bridge

taokaka133795d ago

This also has co-op! :D but its still dont know when its coming...pre-ordered it for last year but nope...

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