Call of Duty: Black Ops Double XP weekend confirmed

"There are only a few days until Call of Duty: Black Ops’ first DLC map pack will hit the Xbox LIVE marketplace and if you’re one of the many waiting patiently for the release then you’ll be happy to know that a double XP weekend has been confirmed for all platforms! The weekend will run through February 4th through to February 6th."

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IMChampion3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

This is what PS3 gamers support. A company that is one sided in terms of DLC and support. I wish people would wise up and stop supporting this stuff, I get the game is fun and all but do you like being treated like the step child no one wanted? Speak with your wallet guys. /rant

EDIT: Cod fanboys disagreeing. I'm not bashing your game. If it was any product made buy any company I'd feel the same way. People should not invest in an inferior product. Would you go out and buy a half eating pizza or eat from a plate with served with someone else's leftovers in a restaurant? No. That;s all I'm saying. Be smart like Jace and get it used if you want it, don't pay for inferiority.

@ Mike Bell, yeah I'm sure double xp will be coming the same time and @FatOldMan, I'm aware of the DLC deal MS and Acti-Bliz has.

Mike Bell3792d ago

Might be worth noting the double XP weekend is available on all platforms, it's only the First Strike DLC that's exclusive to the 360, and a timed-exclusive at that. It'll arrive on your PS3 within a month or so.

Jaces3792d ago

I admit the game is fun but Activision and a lack of PS3 support won't stop me from buying COD. That's because I'm getting them used from now on. :D

Go eat a di*k Bobby and Treyarch!

Ducky3792d ago

They're probably giving the timed exclusive DLC to the 360 because they were paid by MS or as part of a deal with them, not because they look down upon the PS3.

Though, I'd figure PS3 owners wouldn't be interested in buying the DLC anyways.

Jac5al3792d ago

Microsoft signed a deal with Activison, which will make all DLC for COD exclusive to the 360 until 2012.

Ducky3792d ago

^ Ahh, yes. I remember hearing about that. Just couldn't remember the exact details. ;)

Now who's the monkey that gave ye a disagree? =/

MRHARDON3792d ago

That is what a typical COD sheep says, then they still buy the next COD :D

xX TriiCKy Xx3792d ago

You better believe I'm buying the next CoD. But of course, not day one like I've done the others. Too many games coming out from October to December, not gonna have enough to buy it. Besides, MW3 comes out like, 8 days after Uncharted 3, and that's more important to me than CoD will ever be.

RyuCloudStrife3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

+ bubbles for well said lol

Pixelated_Army3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


Sold my copy of BlOps and traded in MW2/COD4. I'm Done with this franchise.

I'll have Killzone 3, Resistance 3, SoCom 4, UC3, Crysis 2, Bungie, to fulfill my shooter needs from now own.

my amazon sellers account...bye-bye BlOps

NoobJobz3792d ago

Haha it's funny cuz it's true. I said the same thing about Black Ops. After the whole infinity ward fiasco I swore to stop supporting activision and never buy their games again. So I rented it through gamefly an played it for a month or so. After I returned it I went into a withdrawal. Not necessarily from CoD but shooters. I have to have a online shooter at all times or I go crazy. Not a huge halo fan so CoD is just about the only other option. So i ended up buying black ops just like I said I wasn't go to do. Damn it!

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Dart893792d ago

You shuldve stopped at waw i still enjoy that and mw1 better than any other cod this generation.

ultimate-remag3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

killzone 3 demo out this week... no time 4 call of dookie crap sucks......

Dart893792d ago

OMG totally forgot about that thanx for reminding me.

Pixelated_Army3792d ago

Best week ever! First my brother moves out of my house and back to FL and now this. w0ot indeed!

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