Why Crazy Doesn't Equal Evil In Metal Gear Solid

Evil and crazy are too often used as synonyms. In real life, as well as popular culture, when a person does something horrible they’re often referred to as insane. Meanwhile, the majority of people with mental illnesses who aren’t a danger to others become stigmatized and isolated. It’s a distinction forgotten in video games too, from the not-so-rehabilitated villains in Batman: Arkham Asylum, to the profoundly unsafe drivers in the Twisted Metal games. Fortunately, we have deconstruction master and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima to make the distinction for us.

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ActionBastard2871d ago

Right, but evil = evil. And there's a small country of evil sum bitches in the MGS universe.

rockleex2870d ago

The only thing I felt Peace Walker REALLY lacked was crazy human bosses.