First-Person Shooters: Has the Genre dominated the video game market?

Default Prime: "Ah... first-person-shooters. A genre that's completely dominated the video game market; that much is certain. With games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops making just over 1 billion in sales, and the overwhelming amount of people who love the genre, there is no doubt first-person-shooters are enjoying an unstoppable rise in both popularity and success. Whilst the fact that first-person-shooters pretty much sell at lighting speed every year, is this a good thing for the video game industry? From a commercial standpoint, it certainly is for game developers, but some of us gamers (like me) have been left somewhat jaded on FPS games as a whole. So then, I raise an alarming but potentially true question: will first-person-shooters make other video game genres obsolete? Re-load your guns; I'm going in."

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Dart892821d ago

Sadly yes we need more damn rpg games not many this generation.

FailOverHero2821d ago

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