Devolution: First-person shooters

Atomic PC: It's not right that we're supposed to get excited about the same FPS formula being re-branded and touted as the next big thing. Whatever happened to FPS innovation?

"It doesn't seem like so long ago that an uber-impressive feature list for the GldSrc-engine powered (read: a heavily modified Quake 2 engine) version of Team Fortress 2 inspired first-person shooter enthusiasts with the promise of a vastly different online experience. Medics would be able to provide teammates with health or revive them if felled, vehicular combat would complement the usual on-foot shootouts, while a commander would oversee all of the action, providing player-controlled soldiers with directions and supplies."

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thrasherv32915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

"One play mode boasted a tug-of-war mechanic that was a merging between Call of Duty's Domination and Bad Company 2's Rush modes."

No. It is more like CoD3's War than rush. But I guess for the sake of his argument, he had to say Battlefield...

RedDead2915d ago

I think I was one of the few who actually liked it. Although I could always see the flaws in the spawning system, and was basically whoever controls the tanks win/

2915d ago
ugabugaz2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

There's still evolution in the FPS genre. It's just that recent Call of Duty installments have blinded most people into accepting the series into the only product available. I'm not trying to rip on the series either, I have thoroughly enjoyed the genre changing installments that are COD1, COD2 and most recently COD4. All three of these are in my opinion simply brilliant. I personally would be looking at VALVe for the next big thing in FPS.

Wonderful article.

Soldierone2915d ago

Valve wouldn't be my first choice. Half Life wouldn't be anything without Doom. Portal was creative but Valve didn't even take credit for it till it got popular.

EA has Mirrors Edge, we could use more of that.

jashmister2915d ago

Valve still technically a independent studio takes ideas from other indie dev's and sometimes hires them to help them make games, I believe more in some entirely unknown indie developer to create the next innovative game.
I don't see large developers moving far away from what sells well.
and mirrors edge is really more of a platformer using guns in that game is not common

mightyboot2915d ago

We need more games like the original Deus Ex.

gcolley2915d ago

if he is looking at CoD no wonder. there has been no innovation at all.

ugabugaz2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I strongly disagree. Read my comment above. You're thinking of MW2 and BOps I believe, no?

Kewl_Kat2915d ago

Evolution in the FPS genre is still happening. Borderlands was great with incorporating RPG elements into a shooter. Left 4 Dead refined 4-player FPS co-op. Of course there's Bad Company 2, which the website mentioned, with its destructible environments, and Bioshock showed that shooters can tell engaging stories, too. Halo Reach had Forge, which is an excellent level/map creator. Then there's Gears of War which made its unique cover system a staple in numerous FPS and even 3rd person shooters.

jashmister2915d ago

Even tho all your points are true most of them are a few years old now, how many fps have come out since then? quite abit.

Soldierone2915d ago

Kinda off a little bit though.

-Halo isn't the first and only one with level creators. Unreal Tournement was, and is still the best. Even on PS3. I also believe Farcry beat Halo to the punch on consoles too.

-Gears didn't create a cover system, Kill Switch did. And many other third person shooters were there as well. Killzone is the one that brought it to FPS fully, but Rainbow Six was there a long time ago. Third person shooters and FPS are two entirely differnt things, and shouldnt be compared in this instance.

The_Zeitgeist2915d ago

"Third person shooters and FPS are two entirely differnt things, and shouldnt be compared in this instance."

I totally agree. Another thing that gets me is graphical comparisons. People always over look how much the art direction in a game influences the graphics that are the end result.

Kewl_Kat2915d ago

@Soldier one, Thanks for clarifying =]
@jashmister, yeah pretty old lol

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