Can Killzone Be Sony's No. 1 Franchise?

What is it exactly that makes Killzone so appealing, if not to the general PS3 gaming community, then to Sony?

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Schism203796d ago

#1? Probably not but its definitely in the top 10

Motorola3796d ago

Uncharted or LBP. I say LBP because its unique, where else do you see a platformer that can give u the tools to make GAMES?

nix3795d ago

on Jan LBP 2 was no. 1 franchise.
on FEb KZ3 will be no. 1 franchise.
on March, Yakuza/MS3 will be no. 1 franchise.

and so on...

Inside_out3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

...was because of Killzone. It should be on 360...the PS3 community ignores the game. Yeah it sold OK with around 2.5 million in sales but it would of been a big hit on XBL. KZ 1 is still the best and I wish they would go back to the style of game instead of trying to be like COD. Say what you want about Halo but Halo IS halo not COD 2.5.

Resistance 3 , from what I've seen so far could be a big surprise. The graphics and story are good and if the game play and level design can match it then it could potentially be huge. Didn't like Res had some potential but try to be Halo is not it. Rez 3 will be a break out hit...mark my words. Still waiting on the Insomniac multi-plat...wonder what it is.

It depends on what you like. If you like platforming then GOW, UC or LBp might be your thing. Some like RPG's or even the MMO's that are coming out. to each there own.

Strange_Evil3795d ago

@Cez of Rage... Lol @ KZ3 should be on the 360 LMFAO.. You would have loved a downscaled game on 5 DVDs with no dedicated servers like on PS3 wouldn't you?

Christopher3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I thought GT was Sony's #1 IP? At least based on sales.

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Dart893796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I wonder what sony's number 1 franchise is?

@Lord could be

@Ryu completely agree bubs 4 both contributing to my comment.

RyuStrife3796d ago

Gran Turismo? Who knows, Sony just has too many "number 1" franchises =D

Ryudo3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


(Joking before anyone gets there panties in a twist)

Hellsvacancy3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Metal Gear "Solid"?

BiggCMan3796d ago

Gran Turismo, statistically is Sony's number 1 franchise. It is definitely deserving of that title as well. But the good thing about Sony like RyuStrife said, is that they have so many franchises that are equally amazing.

thereapersson3796d ago

I think Resistance is deserving of better attention. I think Sony kind of overshadowed Resistance in favor of Killzone. I wonder if that is one of the reasons why Insomniac went multiplatform?

jetlian3795d ago

franchises are 1 GT. 2 UC, 3 LBP(right now, 4 GOW 5 KZ

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KillerPwned3796d ago

GT or MGS one of them i would have to say or one is #1 the other is #2.

supremacy3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I don't know about metal gear, the day an associated franchise goes multi-platform its the day it loses its value in terms of association that is.

Also i wouldn't want killzone to be Sony's number one franchise because that could influence them and change their minds and how they conduct their business.

It has to be something that could appeal to alot of people, and i mean alot of people. But again i wouldn't want a single ip to rule them all.

Another thing Sony has a lot of different franchises, its hard to just say which one should be number one.

In many instances Sony's franchises have stronger impacts in different regions of the world.

Something like GT, wipeout, sing star,littlebigplanet and such are big out in Europe.

While games like ape escape, hot shots golf, and their rpgs are big out in japan.

And out here in the u.s games like socom, uncharted, , infamous, motorstorm, god of war, ratchet and clank and such are big again.

For other companies one or two titles usually stands out, and i rather Sony stay the way it is now than bank one one ip to rule them all.

Nintendo has quite a few franchises, but i feel sometimes they tend to only use one or two and make different games with them.

Mario is perhaps their biggest franchise and that franchise is used for racing,rpgs, sports, parties ect.

Meanwhile a franchise like zelda is a more grounded franchise in that its not use in many different ways like i just described with mario, but it is succesful enough to hold its own.

Pokemon is another, though its the same element over and over again. Its got its appeal.

Metroid, man...that was a classic liked it when it was 2d. But its not exactly a Mario caliber ip, that in fact they had to let someone else make their recent games. The day i see that happen with Mario is the day something is horribly wrong.

But you know every company has their way of operating, Nintendo has Mario as their main franchise with several key franchises behind it.

And Sony has several key franchises with nothing to rule them all plain and simple.

Kleptic3795d ago

as far as genre's go; Killzone is DEFINITELY in the right one to target a huge fan base...shooters are still the top gaming genre as far as sales, attention, and least in the US and a lot of Europe...CoD clearly proves that its where the most money is right now...

doesn't mean everyone likes them...but as great as LBP, Uncharted, god of war, etc. are...Killzone still has that card to its advantage...

problem is is the most popular genre, but its also easily the most competitive...With at least a few MAJOR releases each year...LBP has next to zero competition...action titles like God of War don't either (but many argue single player action titles lack the replayability to keep up with other genres)...but even without that competition, they still struggle to even touch shooter-like sales...

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nskrishna23796d ago

Honestly speaking, I think the numero uno spot shouldn't be taken by a shooter. What would be the difference between Xbox and PS3 then? Both consoles with a shooter as #1?
Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with Killzone, cuz I love it, but still, think about it

Silver3603796d ago

Their portfolio of games is just to diverse with AAA games to call anyone game number 1

chidori6663796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


Killzone series eat alive cod FPS.

DeathMetal14743795d ago

Strong sales, and a lasting community for multiplayer.

FrankMcSpank3794d ago

You mean you wants this:
Live stats
75% COD Blops
24% Halo Reach
1% everything else

Get a little variety in your MP.

visualb3795d ago

can't be =(

unintentionally, uncharted has become the number 1 along with LBP

KZ3 will be an amazing FPS, but i doubt it'll top Uncharted )=

still, like schism said, def top 10

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RememberThe3573796d ago

Nothing will pass Gran Turismo. But with more experience GG could grow into the top FPS developer, if they're not already.

DeathMetal14743795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

"But with more experience GG could grow into the top FPS developer, if they're not already."

That could be the most delusional thing I have ever read on here, even for a site full of PS3 fanboys that is SOOO retarded it's not even funny. OMG get a life. And you get 12 Agrees LOLOLOLOL. And the correct anwser would be DICE or Valve. Thanks for the laugh though. That's about as true as saying this site has unbiased,intelligent comments and news stories. WOW

RememberThe3573795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Get over your self... Your a moron for expecting my comments to be unbiased. There is not "correct answer" when it comes to conjecture. You are a complete idiot, please don't ever post a comment anywhere ever again.

If you hate this site so much go away, no one will miss you.

visualb3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

shhhhh don't cry death metal

Killzone 3 will be a great game to many people =)

stop going from KZ3 article to KZ3 article crying, its pathetic

and what 357 is true - you just sound like some spoilt kid going around telling everyone what THEY THINK is wrong and what YOU THINK is right


just because you think something doesn't mean everyone will agree - its called an opinion

learn to accept and respect those kid, life is full of different ones.

FrankMcSpank3794d ago

DICE and Valve are great developers, that is why they look to other great companies like Sony to do exclusive content and features for. Xbox doesn't get that sort of treatment because MS feels you should play Kinect games instead, and by you...I mean your mom...

HelghastDrake3796d ago

PS3 has so many AAA exclusives, who would know where to begin as far as determining which one is the actual "flagship" title of them all..

silkrevolver3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I’d say their current #1 is Uncharted (I say this because they’ve already started advertising it, and it’s not due out for 10 more months.) After that, there’s God of War and (of course) Gran Turismo. GT and TM are the only Sony exclusive franchises from the PS1 era that are still around... but Uncharted 2 is one of the highest rated games of all time. I’d say Killzone is their best FPS (with Resistance nipping at its heels.) Oh, and ICO is up there (for ratings more so than sales), but only if you consider Team ICO games a franchise.

R_aVe_N3796d ago

Sony doesn't need a #1 they have several AAA titles that step up there game on each new game release. There is no point even trying to figure out what one holds the top spot because each has its own dedicated fanbase.