Zipper Discusses SOCOM 4's Multiplayer

"We’re back once again with the latest episode of the official Zipper Interactive podcast, Zipline. After wishing MAG a happy birthday and recapping some of its celebratory ongoings, we dive straight into detailing SOCOM 4′s competitive multiplayer mode. To handle said honors, we’ve brought on S4′s lead multiplayer designer Kevin Schmitt, as well as senior producer Mark Rogers from Sony Computer Entertainment America. Enjoy! "

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Dart893798d ago

Can't wait i liked confrontation but it was lacking ceratin stuff.

Schism203798d ago

This completely off topic but in that pic Chris Roper and the guy next to him look possessed lol.

Dart893798d ago

Rotflmfao i hadn't noticed that.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3798d ago

Cant wait for teh beta. I know a lot of the core fans seem disappointed but it looks fun to me.

ion6663797d ago

iz there handguns .i love my p226 i would hate to give it up 4 2 primary rifles.