Retailer offers $10 Bonus, Shotgun with SOCOM 4 PS3 pre-order

Retailer this week began offering a $10 Bonus and in-game weapon with the pre-order purchase of SOCOM 4 for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3

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sickbird3798d ago

amazon is the dope shit.

jdktech20103798d ago

they would be doper if they put a credit on killzone 3....just saying

showtimefolks3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

i buy a lot of stuff but never pre-order i like to get my games right away if i pre-order how long does it take to get it? like next day or something?

too tempting with all these credits they offer for pre-ordering

socom 4 should be awesome Zipper guys have been saying this is for socom fans so expect greatness


thanks i will keep an eye out for any upcoming deals the problem is there are so many games i don't think i will be able to pick each at launch i don't want to have a back catalog of 20 games and keep buying new ones


about what the game is coming soon they delayed it to give more time for polish i am super excited for another great 3rd person shooter

sickbird3798d ago

for big games like Kz3 they guarantee release date delivery. Idk what the deal is going to be for socom but probly the same thing.

Alpha_Gamer3798d ago

Have you seen the official forums? Socom fans are in outrage right now, it`s not pretty.

256bit3798d ago

s4 is looking like more like a COD TPS. having just the classic mode isnt going to cut it.

fooltheman3798d ago

... socom needs the evolve I think...
but they can adjust some thing, they have done so far...

sickbird3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

People are just pissed because its not socom 2. Im a huge socom 2 fan but i realize that games have to evolve. I think zipper is doing enough to bring back that old socom feeling. Classic mode should be satisfy most socom fans.

and socom 4 doesnt look like a COD FPS shooter at all.

suicidalblues3798d ago

Socom fans are a fickle bunch, and "vets" like suckmyturbin and others just want socom 2. I personally like what zipper has shown so far.

And Gamestop has a free map with preorder.

just_looken3798d ago

here is the main link to amaazon:

and just a fyi remember mag? that looked awesome open world rts/shooter at e3 then after we get it the game became a big online shooter but no true vehicle combat but still fun then the nerfs/patches made alot quit and after 3 months it became a laggy lmg spraying noob fest. After mag i wont be buying another zipper product.

mag went from this:

to this:

just_looken3798d ago

oh forgot to post incase of those read the post about the socom fans here is what they are talking about:

i am not agreeing this is just a info post just to get you up to speed. also i own psmove its a alright gadget ill be using it on kz3.

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