Is the Industry really ready for Star Wars: The Old Republic? writes: "When Mass Effect 1 came out, there was this shakeup within the RPG genre as it really revolutionized the Action-RPG format. While Call of Duty has recently took a large hold of console FPS multiplayer, it really started with Halo 1 with LAN and Halo 2 with Xbox Live. I can only imagine that L.A. Noire will revolutionize facial animations in videogames. With Star Wars: The Old Republic, will it hold a similar stance? Will developers use aspects of TOR and implement them in their future MMOs? Ten years from now, will we be looking back at Star Wars: The Old Republic and say that it all began with this game?"

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Incipio3797d ago

Don't know about the rest of y'all, but I am fuckin' ready for this game.