Kinect only SSX game on the way

A new SSX title made exclusively for Kinect might very well be in development.

Retired internet videogame detective who’s made his home on twitter now after closing down his website have made another crackdown.

This time, he’s discovered that microsoft has bought out the domains “” and “”.

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The Meerkat3797d ago

I will be hard to make it feel real.

I.e. Most board control comes from your feet and lean angles cannot be replicated when you are stationary without falling over.

Stealth20k3797d ago

sonic riders 2 huh

not looking forward to that shovelware again

Firstkn1ghT3797d ago

Oh man if they even try to utilize feet movement for the moves in this game you're gonna have a lot of broken ankles and sprained knees. Better move that fancy vase away from the living room while you're at it too.

lil Titan3797d ago

"IF" they make it like the SSX i know then it would be pretty stupid to make a kinect version of this game...i mean how am i or anyone else pose to do 5 back flips in the air while doing some other crazy tricks? guess they are going for realism in this game, unless there is an arcade version or a special HD remake of the old version this will stay on the self for me

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