Crysis 2 – What does the lack of PS3 footage mean?

Crysis 2 is less than 2 months away from release and so far, only footage and screenshots from the Xbox 360 version has been released.

So what could this mean? If you cast your minds back to Red Dead Redemption you’ll remember that up until its release, the Xbox 360 version was the one chosen for display and when the comparisons inevitably happened once it hit the shelves, the PS3 version was shown to be slightly inferior, graphically speaking.

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Kran3797d ago

It means that Microsoft could afford a Crysis 2 beta....

Do you honeslt think Crytek are gonna cancel the PS3 version?

hahahaha. Oh you're such a kidder.

FailOverHero3797d ago

Cancel? Who said anything about any version getting cancelled? You went out and commented before reading the article didn't you? Lol you can tell me, I won't judge you, honest

ChineseDemocracy3797d ago

Could be significantly better or worse, who knows?

I might have to hold off on this for a while, too many games coming out this year :S

thereapersson3797d ago

They could just be taking longer with development in certain areas of the PS3 version, so they are not as likely to show it off right away. We do have the point the article makes about Crytek getting slightly better performance from the PS3 version, but as to why Crytek hasn't actually backed up their words with evidence is another guess entirely.

Either way, I think I might end up getting this on PC. I'm going to be upgrading my graphics card for Deus Ex 3, so I think it'll be a good idea to factor this game into my purchase.

DualConsoleOwner3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

because Killzone 3 looks far better than Crysis 2 on consoles.

hell. KZ2 looks far better than Crysis 2 on consoles

wow... a 2 year old PS3 exclusives looks miles better than Crysis 2 Console version...

thereapersson3797d ago

Killzone has nothing to do with Crysis, yet somehow off-topic comments are allowed to not only propagate, but people don't report them as off-topic and instead reply to them with more of their own fanboy nonsense.

captain-obvious3797d ago

its obvious sense that code name kingdom game came up
cryteck is on MS side
i mean the beta the damo of crysis and that game
its so clear

Shepherd 2143797d ago

So several game developers are on the PS3's side, but its blasphemy for any one dev to lean towards the 360 some?

Talk about being stupid and biased.

kancerkid3797d ago

I don't understand why PS3 players do not want this game to look as good and play as good as possible? I

Instead, they talk about how a game that is years old (KZ2) looks so good and this and that. Who cares! Why would you not want new games you have not played to death to be better, and different?

I am sick of hearing about KZ2. Everyone has played it already.

ThanatosDMC3797d ago Show
insomnium23797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


Sick of hearing about KZ2? I think if the media and x360 fans hadn't gone all out on bashing the game to death in 2005-2007 we would've been able to prevent all this.

Me thinks you weren't here then and you don't know where all this started. This was a madhouse in 2005-2007. Nothing but biased propaganda against the PS3. The "I-told-you-so" that goes on around here today is fuelled with the unjustified hate PS3 and Sony recieved in the beginning of this gen.

DelbertGrady3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

@insomnium2 - The truth is that the reason Killzone 2 got criticized was because a big part of the PS3 fanbase hyped it up to be a Halo killer. You couldn't go into a Halo related article without them bringing up Killzone. According to them it was supposed to be the best FPS ever made. But it wasn't.
It was a good FPS game but with some flaws in it's story, controls and MP that kept it from being amazing.

bluwulf3797d ago

@ Shepherd 214 ...

Of course Sony has a ton of devs on their side, They are called first party studios. Which is why people don't care. They have class, and are mature. This even goes for the sony third party companies.

Everyone talking about KZ2(not 3, lol) are pointing out the gigantic f`ing fact that Crytek claimed their engine could trump everything on the PS3.

This isn't the case, as is seen by the 360's footage. They bullshotted everyone with all these amazing tech demos that were more than likely ran on PC's behind closed doors or something. I was amazed by the Crytek stuff, I mean everyone knows that the unreal engine is an utter joke, its out dated rubbish. Anyone that claims Crysis 2 gets walked by the Unreal engine is blind and delusional, with that said... I actually know that there is a bit more software power to come out of the 360, it has been stagnated with the Halo engines & the unreal engines.. So thats why I gave it a shot...

But the fact is now here, we have a Crysis multiplayer beta that looks 100% underhwelming compared to Uncharted 2, MGS4, Killzone3, etc. These games all deserve to be brought up, because its what Crytek said they would do better than. Instead they are just shipping a limited scale city shooter with an invisible suit.


Its hilarious to see so many people being sick of KZ2's visuals. It was smeared so much by so many people, came out and walked all over everything so much to make Next-Gen fans claim that "graphics dont matter!" lol...

Sarcasm3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I fail to see how any of this relates to Killzone?

I'm getting Crysis 2 on the platform that it was meant for, the PC.

sjaakiejj3797d ago


You're mixing up Killzone 1 with Killzone 2. Killzone 1 was hyped to be a halo killer, Killzone 2 wasn't. If you want to prove me wrong, show me where people were hyping it in that way.

Kran3797d ago

Yeh basically. But admit it, how many in the comments did so too? ;P

Inside_out3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Look, Sony doesn't want Crysis anywhere near KZ3...doesn't matter if it's good or not and BTW, it's quite good judging by the beta.

Unfortunately, you can't pick and choose when you want third party support. Without third part support, Sony is NOTHING.

I see some rather large cracks forming in the Sony/EA alliance and M$ should definitely be exploiting those. Sony is walking on dangerous ground here and are risking going back to the beginning of this gen where they thought there sh$t didn't smell and lost billions.

All M$ has to do is put some of there substantial money behind EA/Crytek for some exclusive timed dlc maps for crysis and Sony will be up the creek without a paddle. Battlefield 3 is coming soon...hmmm...repricussions will be also.

Crysis 2 doesn't release until the end of March. There's lots of room for both these games to exist...Maybe EA should bump it up to Feb 22 instead, see if Sony likes that. If this turns into a war, Sony will pay dearly.

BTW...the nonsense being spewed by the Sony camp on this and every other topic shows how immature and insecure that group is. Maybe if Crysis, COD, Battlefield, Madden and all the rest were exclusive to 360 you'd see how wrong pushing every Sony game as the best really is. Trying to chop down every other game to prop up a Sony exclusive is beginning to back and see.

Kalipekona3797d ago

@ bluwulf

You talk about underwhelming. MGS4 is underwhelming. The fact you hype it up to be some graphical monster makes me think you aren't a very good judge of graphics and makes your opinion completely worthless to me.

Just as one example, Dead Space 2 looks far better than MGS4 and that is a multiplatform game (which I am playing on the PS3, btw). MGS4 was sub-hd, had poor texture resolution, jaggie shadows and merely above average effects and animations relative to the best looking console games.

And as far as Crysis 2 is concerned, if you think it looks underwhelming compared to MGS4 you are just blind, nothing else more to say.

thats_just_prime3797d ago

Seriously I cant believe no one as figured this out yet. Its a lot easier to port a game from the pc to the xbox. Meaning that the xbox version is probaly a lot closer to being done if it isnt done already

nickjkl3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Crysis 2 PS3 Will Hit Graphical Ceiling

"I think with Crysis 2 you will see the quality bar being set at a very high level that games will struggle to excel. We’re aiming to set a whole new benchmark with that game for all PS3 games."

crysis 2 trying to set the bar in graphics on ps3 that other devs will find difficult to attain

killzone 2 currently the best looking fps on consoles

killzone 3 raising the bar from kilzone 2

i just want to see what crysis 2 will look like on ps3 since they were touting it like thatit would be devastating if they werent able to meet their talk

DragonKnight3796d ago

The lack of footage means f*ck all. Other than they haven't made any footage for the PS3 version. Anything said on that webpage or here is speculation. Who cares if there is footage or not. Most of the time any footage that shows up isn't what the final version looks like anyway.

Ares84PS33796d ago

@cez of rage

Last time I've seen so much bullshit was in an article posted yesterday titled "Mass Effect 2 review, throwing a bone to PS3 fanboys, barley"

You should stop commenting for a while for your own good.

paintsville3796d ago

Of course they're not going to cancel the ps3 version. That would be stupid. Crytek is in business to make money. They're not going to alienate millions of potential customers. Wake up.

bluwulf3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Kalipekona + 6h ago

You do realize you fail when you take 1 title out of the plethora of titles I mentioned, to attack? And claim I have no visual eyes? And do you really want to get into how "subhd" matters for gaming, because I can definitely break another leg for Alan Wake's substandard performance. Do we want to do this right now? You know full well you can only take parts of a game and compare to an entire PS3 package. And then those parts, also run on the PS3.

For s & giggles, feel free to remove it and compare Deadspace to Uncharted 2 & 3, or Killzone2&3, God Of War 3, whatever you want to do. And wait... lets not forget the ultimate point that you're just proving my point about no 360 games being able to hang, or even make it to the conversation.. just MULTIPLATFORM That run on the PS3...? that aren't even comparable in its entirety.

You want to go on record claiming that Deadspace's entire package trumps PS3 MGS4? Because thats going to be the biggest saddest stretch in all documented n4g debates & conversations, but christ, i've seen so many.. might as well just add it to the top of the pile.

MGS4 had a ton going on besides high res models, it had higher fidelity sound, post processing effects, scale, lighting, textures & surfacing, not just dark hall after dark hall, with stuff far away you cant interact with. "Low res effects" we are talking about the unreal engine here...Deadspace is one of the best offerings from the multiplatform world, hands down. No question about it, but if you want to pretend to be underwhelmed by a PS3 game, don't pick MGS4 please god no.

Crysis 2 is underwhelming compared to KZ2/3 God Of War, Uncharted. At no point is anyone in awe at the visuals of it, just 360 fans who have only seen Gears of War. My standards for visuals: GT5/Motorstorm2/Stalker/Crysis (pc)/Arma/Killzone/Uncharted/M LB/Heavenly Sword/Ratchet & Clank even Arkham Asylum did well, until you went outside. Do you really want to question that? With deadspace or any other retail title?


Shepherd 2143796d ago

I know Sony has first party studios, however studios like Insomnia and the studio that made Enslaved used to only be PS3 centric even though they are not first party. Now they are making multiplat titles. So Sony doesnt only have first party studios that side with them. And everyone here is having a hard time excepting that a studio wants to be a bit 360-centric for once. Its fanboyism and jealousy.

Btw, i never saw anything about how Crytek claimed its graphics engine "trumps" any kind of PS3 game. However i do remember them claiming it will rival the Unreal 3 engine as the primary engine of choice for multiplatform and exclusive titles. This may be what you are incorrectly referring to.

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BakedGoods3797d ago

It's 'cause they know it has nothing on Killzone 3, so they're targeting the 360 crowd more, making it the '360 Killzone'. If they release PS3 screens and people see flaws the PS3 crowd will drop it.

That being said, I'm really enjoying the beta--but graphically it has nothing on Killzone 3.

wwm0nkey3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Yeah but still gameplay>graphics. Love KZ3 and Crysis 2 and will be getting both at launch.

SJPFTW3797d ago

a game with good graphics but crap or mediocre gameplay is still a mediocre game. Example --> Killzone 2.

SuperLupe3797d ago

Yeah kind of how the PS3 crowd dropped the "flawless" (sarcasm) COD MW2 and Black Ops right ?

BakedGoods3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


I agree, but when Crytek markets Crysis 2's graphics as the second-coming of Jesus people will take a more critical look.

Meanwhile Guerilla's just like: "btw, Killzone 3's comin' out in Feb."



CoD's a different beast. Comparing the fanbase of CoD to Crysis is like comparing a cough-syrup addict to someone with a cold.

ugo3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

you couldn't be more right

thereapersson3797d ago

Completely unnecessary, off-topic trolling.

SeNiLesBack3797d ago

I don't see how he's trolling if BackedGoods brought up Killzone 3 as he did. SJPFTW had an opinion and I agree with him.

I really don't think SJPFTW would have said anything about Killzone if fanboys didn't smear their crap all over NAG!

Why can't people stay on topic and keep other games that are Exclusive out of this?!

On topic, Crysis could end up owning the Xbox 360 version as shown in the screen shot. We'll have to wait and see.

badz1493797d ago

KZ2 gameplay is crap? yeah...that's why it got nominated and won several best FPS award in 2009, right? from your comment, you don't seem like someone who has played KZ2 at all or simply a CoD junkie! why bother commenting on games you haven't play at all?

Simon_Brezhnev3797d ago

It just shows that crytek is not talented enough to max out one piece of hardware. Since their the so called graphics kings. I still think console devs are more talented if they can make old hardware look that good that should tell you something.

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SuperLupe3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Yes, MS have been paying Crytek and EA to not show PS3 footage /s

Anyways the fact that we havent seen any PS3 footage (at least I havent) since this game has been announced just sounds fishy.

Even last year at E3 it was the 360 version that was showcased and the PS3 version was nowhere to be seen.

But since its Crytek I tell myself they are good enough to make a proper PS3 version and Crysis 2 is too big a game to have a crappy PS3 version...but hey never say never when it comes to multiplats on the PS3.

Tony-Red-Grave3797d ago

crytek did dhow that ONE footage of the ps3 version in games much earlier build nothing since.

karl3797d ago

well.. it probably will look better on 360 like most multiplatforms..

i dont give a shit though.. kz3 will crush C2

JsonHenry3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Who cares? This is Crysis people. The single player story should be good, and it will have top notch visuals on the PC. But on all platforms the multi will be mediocre.

And NO ONE is gonna tell a Sony fan that any game made or ever will be made looks better than KZ3. (even if it was better looking)

And before the insults come in - I think KZ3 is shaping up to be the best looking FPS on any console to date.

Rainstorm813797d ago

Your comment insists upon itself....

ikkeweer3797d ago

It means, there's nothing to report on besides the psp2 right now, so sites are looking for anything.
Beats the top 2010's but only by a small margin.

KotC3797d ago

You say MS is buying beta's right? Well wouldn't Sony also be "buying" betas like Dead Space? Help me out here I don't speek crazy or hypocrite.

Jaces3797d ago

Who knows but I know for one that I'll be buying this not for graphics but the game itself. I've seen and played a little bit of the first and fell in love with it.

Graphics wise it won't matter, it's going to look weak compared to PC version.

Gamer_Z3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

It was the same thing with Black Ops, they didn’t show anything and when it came out (@[email protected]) well I don’t even need to say...

WhiteNoise3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

It just means that Microsoft threw a bunch of money at crytek so as to give the illusion of it being a 360 centric game.

There has been no PC footage either. It doesn't mean anything.

M.S is throwing millions at multiplats to cling onto hope...

The game will be awesome on any platform.

Don't let the lack of a demo piss you off either.

Crysis is primarily an SP game. If you buy it, buy if for the SP.



360 beta footage of crysis 2

It makes KZ3 look like crap.

Look at the low res textures of the guy in the KZ3 clip when he lifts the grenade, absolutely disgusting. All I see is blank environments and barely any effects. Crysis 2 has the best lighting of any console game yet.

KotC3797d ago

360's been kicking the competition's ass lately so I don't know what you mean by "cling onto hope"?

etowntwo3797d ago

I think your right about MS throwing $$ for exclusive beta just to get more hype for this game for the 360.
And I can't blame them since they really aren't releasing any exclusives first half of 2011.

Sitris3797d ago

You do realize that th footage your referring to is of Killzone 2 right? 2 years old? But can't we just as a ps3 owner like both? Neither the PC or 360 can say that so why argue that ones better than the other, I will be playing both on my PS3!

clrlite3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Um, that was a vid of Killzone 2 whitenoise. I think they both look good. I think KZ3 looks mindblowing, but that vid you provided of C2 looks pretty darn good. I hope the PS3 version looks as good or better. <KZ3

BubloZX3796d ago

lol I watched the video and all I gotta say is..... give me some of that crack your smokin'

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CrIpPeN3797d ago

I will get this game on PC instead, so I'm not worried if this version sucks.

Vherostar3797d ago

It means nothing no doubt its the last version they are working on that's why its not been seen as much as the rest. So it could be better(being the last means it gets more polish in some cases) it could be worse (could be left out in terms of development time).

Honestly though who cares if it looks great on both systems?? It will sell great on both and no doubt more on 360 as it is still a hardcore shooters console for now.

DigitalAnalog3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

So far, the entire console gaming industry knows the PS3 leads in the tech/graphics department. In order to increase the competition load, the most natural choice would be on the competing system (aka the 360).

Why would multiplat devs make the PS3 look more of the powerhouse when there's KZ3, Infamous 2 and Uncharted 3 on the horizon to support it's system capabilities?

Regardless, this is one of the first mutliplats where the engines are built from the GROUND-UP for each system. Unlike the UE3, there should be no development problems as frequent as UE3.

-End of Line

farhad2k83796d ago

I really hope it means that Crytek are not taking the route Black Ops took and instead of porting the game from the 360 like every other lunatic game developer out there, they are building it on the PS3 too.

ManGastaS3796d ago

Crysis 2 looks better than any thing done on PS3

farhad2k83796d ago


Are you kidding me, it will honestly never beat Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3, I doubt that it even beats GT5.

Ravenor3796d ago

Mmmm keep in mind that Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 you were more often then not stuck in a very limited mission critical path. So if Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3 have level designs similar to their predecessors, then they are free to pump more detail into small areas.

Crysis had much more open environments, certainly larger then anything seen in KZ2 or Uncharted 2. I have no doubt that the size of the areas will likely be smaller in Crysis 2, but for it to be a Crysis game it has to have the semi larger environments with multiple ways of tackling an objective.

Mangangsta's comment is pretty wrong, but to say Crysis 2 looks awful when taking into consideration what it hopefully will do SP wise, is pretty silly. Oh and the MP is a lot of fun, picking up this game up in March. 2 Copies of KZ3 end of Feb, 2 copies of Homefront(pc) early Mar, 3 copies of Crysis 2(2 PS3, 1 PC) end of Mar.

2011 is rape><

hiredhelp3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

i know what it means. ive always known what it means. but who am i to say.



if only i could fine the link i used around 5 months ago stating the guy from EA. showing the guy whos works official playstation magazine.showed him crysis2 running stated this actually is being developed soly on P*******3.

If you take any multi platform games what runs better and looks better on any platform xbox360 or ps3. it be 360 cos mainly ports. not all but most.
but yet even thoe xbox 360 may shine more on many platform games. look what happens when a game is soly developed for the playstation 3. jaw dropping next gen visuals with gamplay. so lets see what crytek can bring to the table.

please feel free to disagree its your right too.

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FailOverHero3797d ago

No screenshots, no demo...maybe they are trying to keep it under wraps because they have managed to make the ps3 version the best looking console game in the history and future of gaming! Graphics so good even suped up pc's cant run the still shots and screenshots let alone video footage!!!
Or it could mean nothing and they just couldn't be bothered and everybody is making a big fuss outta nothing. . .i'm voting for scenario number 1 though

trancefreak3797d ago

Im sure it will turn out fine! I thought they could make all 3 games at one time with their cryengine 3 tools and each console will output what it is capable of doing by descaling from the pc version on the fly.

I hope all 3 versions turn out good but I have to go with the pc version. I played them all on pc and this will be no different.

1 question I have is why not show the pc version. I want to see all its glory.

i will also wait for the reviews because I know my kids will want the console version. If its a bug glitched game ill skip it and just let them play my pc copy.

zeddy3797d ago

if they've some how managed to make the ps3 version better they'd would downgrade the version to match the 360 and since crytek have their hands firmly down microsofts pockets i think it would be the case.

btk3797d ago

Because it will be compared to KZ3.
The XB360 version will be compared to... well... Kinect games maybe?

GodHandDee3797d ago

Nano Suit got nothing on Skittles!

I jest I jest

Shackdaddy8363797d ago

I agree. I guess since its just beta right now(probably to test the servers which is why the game is so laggy), the graphics are probably not as high as they will once the game comes out. So if it comes out for playstation, it will be compared to all the exclusives the PS3 has which crytec probably doesn't want until they are finished.

trancefreak3797d ago

Well crytek are graphic game gods so i pretty much agree with you. Im sure they want to live up to their name and reputation.

Or they can blame the 5-6 year old hardware if it doesnt turn out correctly but I doubt it we all seen the ps3 verion running with the water from the rain dripping off the curb in the tech video. It was pretty amazing.

SuperLupe3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Kind of funny how KZ2 is probably the least succesful AAA FPS sales wise but you think other devs are scared of it ??

Lets be serious here, KZ2/KZ3 are graphic monsters but aint nobody even remotely scared of it. It doesnt even come close to the likes of a COD or Halo. Hell even the PS3 version of BFBC 2 sold more than KZ2.

So I doubt EA/Crytek are avoiding the "mighty" KZ3.