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"And now from Schafer’s studio Double Fine comes Stacking, a game about… Russian dolls? You know, those matryoshka dolls where each doll opens up to contain progressively smaller ones?… It’s a game. Based on that. Okay, so it’s a far cry from mutant tentacles, asinine pirates, or Jack Black, but we’re willing to roll with it." -Josh Laddin

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stormeagle63798d ago

You can always bet on Tim Schafer for some really inventive stuff!

Koolaye3798d ago

yeah pretty clever idea.

insertcoin3798d ago

I love how Double Fine is willing to take a week and work on any clever ideas they have... and then have the courage to actually realize them. Costume Quest and now Stacking! Awesome.

samurailincoln3798d ago

Double Fine is da bomb. Can't wait to see what they've got lined up next.

despair3798d ago

this game looks so intriguing and with Tim Schafer its going to be hilarious as much as unique.

Sev3798d ago

Double Fine is easily one of my favorite developers. I actually prefer them sticking to downloadable titles, it seems to allow them to be more creative.