Sony NGP vs 3DS: Which will you buy?

It's been an exciting week for gamers after Sony revealed its PSP2 - or its NGP (Next Generation Portable) - just over a week after Nintendo held its 3DS launch event.

If you like a bit of gaming on the move, then this past ten days has certainly been for you.

But now we have a weighty and truly important question on our hands: When faced with the choice of an NGP or a 3DS, which will you buy?

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hay4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

NGP at first. Later 3DS.

deadreckoning6664924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

Neither. But if I was in the market for a portable console, I'd go with the NGP.

gaffyh4924d ago

I'm more hyped for NGP, I honestly didn't think Sony could release something that could compete with the 3DS, but the stuff they showed looks amazing. Will probably get the 3DS later.

evrfighter4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

see alot of people that were saying "3d is the future" have done a 180 are now saying "tech specs are the future"

:) told you so :)

i prolly won't be buying either but if I ever did it would be a ngp. at a non console price point btw.

jony_dols4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

NGP, by a mile!

If I wanted to play 3D games, I'd play Killzone 3 on my 55" with 5.1. Thats the real 3D experience.

Not a 3 inch sub HD ,fake 3D screen, with crappy sound, clunky controls and last gen visuals.

Bring on Uncharted NGP!

Sarcasm4924d ago

3DS first, simply because it's coming out first, and then NGP.

TBM4924d ago


tbh i have bad eyes so i wouldnt want to force my eyes to focus on a small screen with 3D, 3D in the theaters dont bother me as i dont have to focus on one spot.

Anon19744924d ago

NGP. I made the mistake of buying the DS first and just found that the games were just too "kiddie" for my liking. Nothing against Mario or Zelda, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I later traded my DS for a PSP and with the shooters, God of War, Syphon Filter, RFOM, MGS - on and on it went and these games were just more up my alley.

I imagine it'll be the same with the 3DI vs the NGP. A lot of 3D mario, zelda and ...well mario. Compared to MGS, God of War and Uncharted - these are just the games that I'd rather play. Again, nothing against Mario or Zelda - like many I've got great memories of these games, but I've got a kid of my own now. My entertainment tastes are a little more grown up.


NGP , I was lucky to wait and not buy PSP, but I will not wait to buy THE REAL PSP: THE NEXT GEN one!

MeanOldman4924d ago

how does someone disagree with what someone will buy. they was asked what they would buy, not which is better. i cant believe they are. i cant write for crap but even i aint that stupid.

thats_just_prime4924d ago

neither till they are price at around 100 dollars or less and then I still dont know that I'd buy one

barom4924d ago

Would've bought NGP due to all the games announced for it but I'd wait a bit longer until I hear more about the games for each handheld. 3DS has been extremely appealing to me though, I love 3D gaming. But the 3DS (third party) games themselves does not look much more than a remake or port. Like Metal Gear game doesn't seem to be a full fledged portable MGS game and similarly the Resident Evil doesn't look like a full fledged RE game either.

So yeah I'll wait.

ManGastaS4923d ago

Windows phone 7 or iPhone for me!

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thereapersson4924d ago

So NGP it is. I'd like to get a 3DS because I enjoy Nintendo's franchises as well. I mean, I play my friend's DS all the time, so it's not as though I am opposed to using a different handheld. I grew up with Nintendo portables, after all.

They need to remake Pilotwings for the 3DS. I would love to fly around in 3D!

chriski3334924d ago

NGP for sure any1 wants a psp GO i have for sale?:}

miyamoto4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

Also two important pre-cautionary measures I see for both handhelds are:

Nintendo's warning about the damaging effects of the 3D screen on the children's eyes on top of squinting on a small LCD screen causes eye strain & far sightedness.
.... and you can't guarantee the kids will not TURN OFF the 3-D slider when you are not supervising their play

If you are an teen or adults no problem by all means.. but will you sacrifice the eyesight of your kids & nephews for the sake of gaming?

Price Tag!
Like most Sony gaming devices they are not made to be played by toddlers.
Its very unlikely you will let a 5 year old play with $300.00 electronic device only to see it swimming in a swamp of milk and cereals?

If your are old enough to use it then by all means get an NGP but if you are getting both for the kids be warned!

Hisiru4924d ago

3DS and NGP. Why can't we have both?

XabiTheHumble4924d ago

Because not everybody wants both.

klado4924d ago

Because people have a life besides GAMES, I would better afford one of the two plus an android, and this time I'm going with the NGP but I will really really get a 3DS for sure, doubt I will push lot of money into it though.

Masterchef20074924d ago

Cause not everyone wants to carry around 2 handhelds.