HBG: Magicka Review

HBG: Ripe with humorous dialogue and an innovative spell casting system, Magicka brings some flair to a self-described “generic fantasy world” that helps to distinguish it in an ever-growing sea of orcs, demons and wizards of which we have become accustomed to. While, from a distance, many aspects of Magicka may seem familiar to you, these individual pieces of gameplay and design are able to culminate into a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

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Kreyg3793d ago

I must finish all the other games I just recently bought before I try this game out. It looks like a blast though.

Brewski0073792d ago

Seconded!. Looks like alot of fun.

omgpoppanda3793d ago

Magicka does look like a really good game. It might not be my type of genre. But I'm going to try and play it.Just for a change

MoeThirteen3792d ago

A fantasy game not up it's own butt about it's mythology already sounds fun.


Its a great game!! Spell casting is awesome!!