Tales from Space: About a Blob Interview – PSN 2011 Preview

Developed by DrinkBox Studios, Tales from Space: About a Blob is a Sony Pub Funded PlayStation Network exclusive that follows a blob who arrives on Earth no bigger than a hamster, but as it eats its surroundings, ultimately grows to the size of a planet. The co-op supporting puzzle-platformer spices up gameplay with various powers that are gained as the game progresses. With a loveable classic monster-movie theme and a retro art style, the game received high praise from our E3 preview.

To learn more about the game, the possibility of future “Tales from Space” games, and the benefits of PS+, PlayStation LifeStyle chatted with Chris Harvey, Technical Lead at DrinkBox Studios and Design Lead for About a Blob.

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doctorstrange2820d ago

The size of the Earth is just mental

Sev2820d ago

It just keeps growing!

...that's what she said...

BigPete79782820d ago

Definitely looking forward to this one. Great interview.

wolfehound222820d ago

Man not only is there a ton of great retail games coming out, but the list of PSN games that I want to get is also growing, this one included. It is going to be one rough year on my wallet.

BigPete79782820d ago

I agree, so many games so little time.

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