Yakuza 3 only $22.96 at Amazon

Conflicting Gamers - "If you didn’t jump at our Mafia 2 deal a few weeks back, or our GTA IV deal we had a few days ago, we got another mafia deal for you…it just happens to be the Japanese mafia…the Yakuza. For a limited time, Amazon is selling a copy of Yakuza 3 for only $22.96! I don’t know much about the game other than that it got decent reviews across the board with GameSpot giving it an 8.0 and saying about it, “Yakuza 3′s compelling story, great atmosphere, and abundance of extracurricular activities make it the best game in the franchise so far.” Sounds good to me!"

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Hitman07693276d ago

Oh wow, now I have no excuse!

deadreckoning6663276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Get it! Get it! Get it!

I can't recommend this game enough. Best single player game on the PS3 and one of the best PS3 games this generation IMO.

@fromasterjay- YUP, I was on the fence for about 10 months on getting the game. I got it last month and its AMAZING. Don't let the demo fool you...its no where near what you get in the full game!

fromasterjay3276d ago

Wow! Two glowing reviews! I have to get it now...thanks guys!

ActionBastard3276d ago

I'd listen to deadreckoning666's advice like a Klansmen talking about race relations. That said, Yakuza 3 is a steal at that price.

Ryudo3276d ago

@Action Bastard

3 words,

Kettle pot black.

ABizzel13276d ago

I have all 3 games, but I haven't played one yet (only about 15 minutes of part 2). I just don't have the time right now. I loved the demo of Part 3, but these are GTA big games, and you need time to play them.

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showtimefolks3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

i am a huge yakuza series fan can't waite to get yakuza 4 at launch and than the zombie yakuza in 2012

maybe i should import it from japan but i don't think there would be english subs in japan version

it starts kind of slow but when it picks up its a great story if you play the game towards the end you will loose of your friends who follows everything you say to heart when he gives his life to save your that moment brought tears to my eyes

one thing i would love for the game to get away from is all the common fights like at every corner someone will call you a punk to start a fight but i guess you need those fights to level up

multipayer3276d ago

That's just overwhelming if your an english yakuza fan, there will be 2 new games coming out in march that'll each have 30 hours or upward of gameplay... but if zombie yakuza is more about gameplay than story I'll definitely think about importing it.

stuntman_mike3276d ago

theres nothing quite like ripping your shirt off and showing your tattoo, then having a fight on a roof top.

vgcgames3276d ago

this is a very underated series. Good price for yakuza 3

Rageanitus3276d ago

I got mine during christmas for like 17 bucks new ;)

Rageanitus3276d ago

lol disagrees.... its just the truth...

Surprsed I got it at that price ... especially from EB games

kurochi3276d ago

great freaking game. Gotta play this before yakuza 4!!! It's going to be out soon!!!! can't wait!!!!

BornToKill3276d ago

one of my favorite ps3 games

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