Conduit 2 – Hands on Preview made the trip out to Sega’s San Francisco office recently to get a first hand taste of High Voltage Software and Sega’s new First Person Shooter to be released on the Nintendo Wii this April. While looking for a few specific improvements: More interesting maps, Much deeper character differentiation, and Enhanced Multiplayer, there was no disappointment.

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BiggCMan3796d ago

I was so pissed when they delayed this last year. I can't wait to play it. This would be a great game to port to PS3 as well. Even if they don't its fine, it will be great just like the first.

TruthbeTold3796d ago

Personally I'm hoping for 3DS ports. But if they can make more money by porting it to the HD consoles now that they have motion control, then power to them.

soren3796d ago

oh god please no more shooters don't we have enough?

ChronoJoe3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

I don't understand why they release these on Wii.

Conduit 1 made 0.5m sales worldwide, on a hardware platform with an install base of, 85million. That's just awful.

Releasing as a $20 PSN/XBLA game, would make them more money. lol

rumplstilts3796d ago

You should really get your facts straight. It sold 500 thousand, not 50.

ChronoJoe3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Huh? I said 0.5m.

0.5million, 500,000. 50,000 would have been 0.05.


You're confused, I'm afraid.

dkgshiz3795d ago

Would mean 500,000. What school did you go to again?

rumplstilts3795d ago

Woah, sorry about that. -_- My nerd rage sort of got the better of me.

And considering the quality of the game and weak advertising push, those numbers are actually fairly good.

ChronoJoe3795d ago

I don't have any problem with the release of course. I'm sure it's a good game. Just doesn't make much business sense.

It's like the JRPGs, exclusively on XBOX. Seems silly.

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hardcorez3795d ago

The problem with most Wii FPSes is they lack advertising, and in The Conduit's case...word-of-mouth spread pretty quickly about the game's bugged/glitched online.

The Call of Duty Wii games sell pretty decently, even though they rarely release any information/screenshots on them before they're actually released.
I'm not sure how GoldenEye has sold...but I know there are people that bought GoldenEye, and returned it because it was not the EXACT same as the N64 version...I have a friend and the words, "This is the worst game ever" left his mouth in reference to GoldenEye on the Wii...because he thought it was supposed to be the exact same.

I would say compare most Wii FPSes to games like Metro 2033. Perhaps a solid game, but no big budgeting market, and/or poor marketing.

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