Vote with your Gaming Dollar

We all have our issues with game companies not taking care of the customer. If we want to the publishers to hear us, we need to "Vote With our Dollars," and not buy the games.

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HammockGames2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

It's unfortunate but true: this is the only way to get through to pretty much any corporation.

Conversely, companies will always test the waters to see what concessions gamers are willing to accept (pay for). If we buy, it's effectively an endorsement of whatever change they tinkered with. DLC, DRM, you name it.

HolyOrangeCows2817d ago

I think we need to install a Republic, then, lol. Freaking people buying crappy games with big names.

Legion2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I did not agree with really too much of what this author said. Some of his points are assumed and not researched. (Research the number of patches for this game on PS3 versus 360, might be interesting to see who is getting more patches or not?)

But I do agree with the speaking with your wallet... I have not bought the game due to many of the online issues reported and past experience with franchise titles. Though I would enjoy sitting through the single player experience. I will just have to wait for a USED copy and that way the publisher sees no benefit from my playing.

Rainstorm812817d ago

I agree you must put your money where your mouth is.....but on the flip side this is gaming.

Most times we dont get a demo or beta to give us a clue of what to expect. Then once the hype train starts rolling its almost impossible to resist that purchase. Its only when you get home do you realize that you have been swindled by over promises and under delivery. The problem is the next year many gamers go out and buy the next iteration.

Voting with your money will work, when gamers learn self control..... who am i kidding self control and gamers???

JsonHenry2817d ago

Yep. With very few exceptions I never purchase a game when it is first released. Usually because I am a miser and I want to catch the game on sale. But if gamers would stop purchasing shovelware but the truck load a lot of these horribly over-hyped games would never see a sequel.

just_looken2817d ago

like raiin says hype wins there is alot of games that are triple a titles but are overshadowed example: me1/2 kz2 $25 and of course uc 1 and mgs4 all of these are cheap except me2 but they will get over shadowed by the bigger popular titles cod/halo/gow

hellzsupernova2817d ago

noway the call of duty franchise isn't bought by the hardcore anymore it goes to whiny 14year olds who want the next cool game! have never bought a CoD game I buy games that have awesome stories and are compelling. I can see the attraction of it though I hope Killzone 3 sells very well because thats a game I realy want to buy

Legion2817d ago

What is terrible is that the CoD games actually DO have compelling stories. But I see my friends buy the game and immediately jump online...! Maybe they should come out with 3 versions of the game..? The single story (for lesser price), the multiplayer (for also lesser price)and the compilation pack for true fanboys and let the masses at least get something of the game they enjoy. I would buy Black Ops right now if it was only the single player production that I was supporting. And I am sure MANY kids would download just the multiplayer to frag online that would otherwise not pay more for the single player portion they never touch.

just_looken2817d ago

dont give the devs/publishers ideas. Also if a 360 game did this it would be a 5 dvd nightmare J/K

Dojan1232817d ago

Too many kid's parents will buy the wrong version.

Parents are blindly buying what their kids are screaming for at home. As long as parents buy the garbage, the longer we will have junk sequels being made

Legion2817d ago


Ha... too many parents have no clue what system their kids have now anyways. When I am at a game store I alwasy see a parent calling back to their kid... and watch them try to figure out the explanation between the more expensive CoD:black Ops and that tempting discounted CoD:MW2 game they want to purchase because it is cheaper.


Those kinds of J/Ks make people loose bubbles. Wait... this is N4G... you are safe you were mocking 360 not PS3. (now I just lost bubbles... boohoo)ha

hellzsupernova2817d ago

yeah i enjoyed the black ops storyline thought it was actually really good.

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